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Maury Markowitz 28-Sep-2011 6:35 PM

Multiple "hits" UI doesn't work.
Try this…

1) select Oshawa, Ontario, Canada as your location
2) select "Pending" and wait for the list to appear
3) look for "CITY-DT(1)" and click the map gizmo (the color bullseye)
- doesn't work, it's not in the database
3) look for "CITY-DT" a few lines further down and click the gizmo
- takes you to a search page, which doesn't work properly, selecting one of the three items returns you back to the same page

Is this the right place to report these problems?

mtownsend 29-Sep-2011 5:33 PM

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, this is a good place to report problems on the site.

It looks like you've stumbled upon a couple of different bugs in the system. We'll get to work on them.

Just FYI, on the interactive map, you can click on the radio button (to the left of the callsign) and the coverage overlays (if they are available) will be displayed directly on the map above the list. This feature should be working correctly.

Clicking on the "bullseye" to the right of the callsign is supposed to open up a new window showing just the station's coverage map plus a few transmitter details. Unfortunately, this feature is broken in a few places. In some cases, the requested coverage map cannot be found, and in other cases, the search for certain callsigns is not working correctly.

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