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Esteban 20-Dec-2014 1:56 PM

Antenna help
Below is my area info. I presently get 10 stations with a Channel Master 4228HD, & am asking for advice to get more. A friend has offered me his huge , unknown brand name antenna if I take it down. It is 4 years old & comes with 30ft mast , cables, amplifier, rotor, etc. I know that is not much info about it, but how much better do you think it would be,,, or suggest another antenna for me & I'll use that rotor. Thanks.

timgr 20-Dec-2014 3:40 PM

Well, it's difficult to say much from your description. You might post pictures of the antenna you are being gifted.

ADTech 20-Dec-2014 4:01 PM

Even before that, you need to identify which stations you are getting and those that you are not getting but you think you should. If you're already getting all of your desired local stations with your current setup and there's no realistic probability of getting more except as an experiment, you'll need to decide if the extra work is likely to be worth the effort.

If nothing else, the rotor would probably be the most valuable part of the package to your location.

Esteban 21-Dec-2014 1:41 PM

I don't have pix but I will try to later, or look on it for info. Looking online, this looks to be what I will get . Channel Master Model # CM-3020
Right now, I am getting ;
5-1 ,, 5-2,, 5-3 ,, 9-1,, 9-2 ,, 20-1,, 20-2,, 28-1,, 28-2,, 51-1,,, & 51-2. I would like to get even more channels, such as thru the yellow & red paths on my link. The more I can get, the more I will consider dropping the paid services I have.
Thank you.

Esteban 23-Dec-2014 6:47 PM

This is the antenna that a friend is giving to me.Hope tyhis helps. Thanks !

Winegard HD8200U

ADTech 23-Dec-2014 8:41 PM

For something the size of an aircraft carrier (14' long by 10' wide), you'll likely pick up WRUF-LD and maybe W07BP additionally and that's about it.

Your existing antenna is better on UHF, you're already getting almost everything possible on high-VHF, and there's only one station on low-VHF.

If the amp is a good one that doesn't overload easily, you'd probably be better off keeping your existing antenna and using the rotor and pre-amp. The other antenna can be recycled into something I consider more useful - beer cans.

Good luck!

Esteban 23-Dec-2014 8:46 PM

WOW ! That's all, even with a rotor ? I get WRUF sometimes, but not always. This antenna is 14ft long !

ADTech 23-Dec-2014 10:57 PM

Doesn't matter. Most of that length and width was spent on elements that aren't needed for YOUR specific location.

Esteban 24-Dec-2014 12:50 PM

Thanks. I will see if manually pointing the present antenna at the other locations will allow me to pick up more channels. If it, does, I will use the rotor . That antenna is a monster !!

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