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mrerick 21-Jul-2010 9:48 PM

Hi, New UNC-TV Transmitter in NC
Hi, Thought I'd thank you for all the work you do on this website, and let you know about our newest transmitter!


- - - - -

From Tom Howe, UNC-TV General Manager:

I am excited to share with you the news that at noon today, July 21, 2010, UNC-TV powered on WUNW-TV, UNC-TV's 12th full-power transmitter. This latest transmitter marks the first station added to UNC-TV’s network since its addition of WUNU-TV, Lumberton, Channel 31, in 1996.

WUNW-TV, Channel 27, is licensed to Canton, North Carolina, and will be referenced on the revised legal IDs as a dual city: WUNW-TV, Canton/Waynesville. We are beginning operation at reduced power, pending the construction of a new tower.

With this addition, UNC-TV is now a 12-station statewide public television network. Incredibly, the process that brought us to this point was more than 20 years in the making; the application to assign the station to Canton was on file at the FCC for more than 10 years. A 50 percent matching grant of $572,395 from the National Telecommunications Information Association’s Public Television Facilities Program helped fund the construction.

WUNW-TV is providing the first full-power public television service to thousands of viewers in the towns of Canton, Waynesville, Clyde, Lake Junaluska, and the surrounding areas. The site is located atop Chambers Mountain near Clyde, North Carolina.

I know you will join me in complementing our Assistant General Manager Carl Davis, our Chief Engineer Network Don Smith, and our entire engineering team for this accomplishment.



UNC-TV's unique programs and services provide people of all ages
with enriching, life-changing television.

Tom Howe, Director and General Manager, UNC-TV
Telephone: 919.549.7158 E-mail:

John Candle 4-Aug-2010 6:04 PM

Very good , statewide PBS for North Carolina. What is the U in UNC? . Is and shown on the UNC web site so as help people receive the UNC transmissions?

mrerick 5-Aug-2010 1:37 AM



University of North Carolina Television

We operate a statewide network of high power transmitters and a large number of translators / repeaters in the mountains and other areas.

Our newest translators are actually going into urban environments!

I've made extensive use of TVFool provided data, and have made hundreds of references to you for our viewers as they struggled to deal with the DTV conversion.

I can't influence the website team, and so have not been able to post a reference to you.


John Candle 10-Aug-2010 10:22 PM

I am a poster/helper on tvfool , I am not a moderator or owner of tvfool. . I live in Colorado and am in Tv Broadcasting and Tv Reception for 50+ years. . Any way , you are the General Manager. . Tell the web site team what they Will Do and thats that. . Here is my message to the web site team , get the message out to the people , put and in a straight out up front place on the web site. With clear and easy to understand information that Tv is received with antennas and yes it is Ok the have a Tv Antenna. . Do not hide this information and bury it some where in the web site. Do not play down the information or kick it around . I have been on this planet for 61 years , and there is Crazy Notion that people do not need to know where television transmitters are at because Tv is received by Magic !!!!!!!

Nascarken 9-Jul-2016 5:55 PM

It's been a long time sense some one has been here

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