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olnick 24-Aug-2022 3:11 PM

CM -3203 vs Cm-94444 balun
A quick question: I just finished reading "rabbit73" article on cutting the leads to 2 /1/2 inches for max impedance matching and signal strength. The new CM-3204 in the metal case is all I could find!! Does anyone know if the 2 1/2 inch mod works for this model as well?



OTAFAN 25-Aug-2022 12:55 AM

Hi olnick:

You won't need to modify the new CM-3204 in the metal case. It's very efficient and comparable to Channel Masters built in baluns on many, but not all of their antenna models. I tried to get specs from CM, but no reply to my emails. Maybe you could contact them and get better results? Also, I asked rabbit73 to put it on his bench for specs, but he hasn't posted anything to date. However, I did find this review on CM website:

Tom Frederiksen on Jun 19, 2022
"I bought a few of these to use for FM receiver testing and they work quite well. When two were measured back to back using a network analyzer the pair showed an insertion loss of about 1.6 dB across the FM band. Assuming that each balun contributed half of this loss, each balun contributed about 0.8 dB of loss. Not bad for a 4:1 balun."

The article you read was from an inquiry I put to rabbit73 after he posted his tests. So, I tried it here at my location in So. Cal LA/OC. And the modification worked as good as their other baluns. So, I can recommend the mod. And the article you read lists specs.

Amazon does sell both baluns on their website as well as Channel Master itself. Your local Big Box or electronics store(s) might have some as well; maybe? And particularly if you're on a budget, the CM-94444 with the mod would be the way to go.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Let the forum know how it turns out for you. I'm sure it would be of interest.

Take care and all the best.....

olnick 25-Aug-2022 10:36 PM

Thanks for the prompt reply
I'll be replacing it Sat/Sun as the weather is supposed to be cooler to get up on the roof!
Past History: I have had issues since the install of loosing channels as the day warms up? winter time I get 30-35 channels crystal clear! this is first thing in the morning. As the day heats up at the peak 2-3 PM I'm down to 10-12 with the remaining mostly pixelidated.
Summer time I get 3-4 clear in the AM and maybe 1 good one in the afternoon.
I have tried a number of different Balun's with different results! I'm hoping the CM-3203 will eliminate all the hit/miss on reception.

Yes I changed the RG-6 from the pre-amp to the house connection.
Yes I replaced the pre -amp at the antenna.
Yes I cleaned the connections on the antenna still reads ZERO ohms
Yes I checked the connections on the distribution amp (two sets) if bypassed to just one set the drop out still remains!

I'll up date after replacement with results with full length leads on CM-3203


OTAFAN 26-Aug-2022 12:01 AM

Hi Again:

Looking over a couple of your previous threads posted here on the forum, olnick; are you still living in Milford, NH? And is Boston your market where you receive your TV stations from? If you could post a current report from or TVFool, that would be helpful.

Also, what is your present antenna set up? And do you still have large trees about 75 feet from your location, that partially block your view from towers to your home? (You mentioned that in one of your early threads).

As far as loosing channels through the day in Summer, that could be due to the trees with leave growth and/or the inversion layer effecting VHF signals, particularly Low VHF; depending, of course, on signal strength from your towers. Your antenna set up would also come into the equation here as well.

I'm sure other posters or techs could read your past threads to get a better idea of your situation. But current information, I suspect, would help them give you the best advice possible.

Thanks in advance for your replies. Getting your situation cleared up will also help others too.

All the best.....

olnick 26-Aug-2022 8:44 PM

results of replacement balun

This AM did a current scan: 7:30 AM got 18 channels with one pixelated. 65 deg out
replaced balun with CM 3203 device I did NOT shorten the leads! got 18 channels (some different ones from this AM) 5-6 are so pixelated as to be NOT viewable! 9:15 AM now 85 deg out and 80% RH.
I'm getting tooooo old to be getting up on the roof once a week to tweak the damn antenna!!! I'll try to shorten the leads in the next few days should the weather cooperate temp/RH wise.
Yes the tree is still there! however is a soft wood (pine) No leaves to be concerned with!
I just did another scan 3:40 pm temp down to 80 deg RH 74% still have 18 channels with 5 not viewable.
The ant is the same one its an RCA ANT3036X. I am still located in Milford NH. my channels of interest are in the uhf band any others are just gravy!

olnick 27-Aug-2022 2:04 PM

8/27/22 Update: at 7 AM I did a re-scan. Now I get 23 channels all 100% viewable! I did nothing else to the system since the replacement of the Balun.? ? ? ? ? ?

olnick 28-Aug-2022 2:28 PM

8/28/22 Up date: 7 AM Back down to the original 18 channels?? All viewable

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