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signals unlimited 23-May-2012 10:36 PM

TriplePlay antenna new configurations
The revolutionary TriplePlay all fiberglass DTV/Broadband antenna is now available with two new tandom confugurations. One for a NO ROTOR setup and one for a vertical stack providing a 50% improvment in gain over the DTV and broadband spectrums.

MisterMe 24-May-2012 2:15 PM

Several months ago, I asked you for the technical specifications of this antenna. To be specific, what is the reception pattern as determined by standard antenna modeling software? As you know very well, many reputable antenna manufacturers including most of those recommended on this forum include modeled reception patterns in their promotional documents. In response to my post, you said that you were in the process or performing measurements of the gain.

Now you offer a new device with claims that it is a 50% improvement over the old device. 50% improvement compared to what?

signals unlimited 24-May-2012 4:29 PM

I tried to upload my detailed specs. The format will not allow me to do so. I tried to send them to MisterMe, but he does not except private messages. I will share the detailed specs via email with anyone, but I would like to know who and why?

MisterMe 24-May-2012 11:57 PM

Four things:
  1. I assume that signals unlimited means that he tried to upload the detailed specifications to the TV Fool Forum. It is my considered opinion that the proper place to upload the specifications is to the Signals Unlimited, Inc. website. If the company's web host does not permit this, then there are many free file sharing sites that will handle the job. Most companies publish their specifications in PDF format.
  2. Having said that, "detailed specifications"--whatever that means--are not necessary. Representative gain profiles that cover the channels/frequencies that the antenna is advertised to receive are sufficient.
  3. Most antenna modeling code, such as the various dialects of NEC, is in plain ASCII text. Other users post such code to the forum in the open.
  4. My post earlier today and my previous exchange with signals unlimited were not in the spirit of personal requests for privileged information. The people who deserve this information are the potential customers of Signals Unlimited, Inc.

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