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jimmylittleman 9-Jan-2012 8:12 PM

Oh Canada

My location is

I have a Winegard 8200 and a amp on the mast - I get all the channels from the Seattle metro area (KOMO 4 King 5 Kiro 7, 11, KCPQ 13) - unless we are having really bad weather.

I used to get a pretty strong analog signal from Canada and could pick up channels 2, 6 and 10 (10 was very weak) - since Canada went digital, I cannot find CBUT channel 2 - I miss Hockey Night in Canada and am wondering (again) about satellite - is there anyone in our area that is picking up CBUT channel 2 out of Vancouver? I tried digital RF 43 and have a rotor on the antenna but no luck.

Any advice


GroundUrMast 9-Jan-2012 11:34 PM

The signal from CBUT-DT, real CH-43 appears on the 'Pending Applications' version of your TV Fool Report.

Clicking on the link shows this path profile:

It would appear that either Chuckanut or Lookout Mt. is obstructing your view toward Mt. Seymour where the CBUT transmitter is located.

The extremely weak signal level, -128.7 dBm and noise margin, -37.8 dB imply you would need an antenna with forward gain of about 50 dBd. I'm not sure if deep space radio-astronomy antennas achieve such performance. It's certainly far beyond the performance of any consumer grade antenna. (Your HD8200 is among the highest performing all channel antennas available.)

The old analog signal on VHF CH-2 was more powerful, passed over terrain a bit better than UHF and your TV would display the weak analog signal rather than loosing 'digital lock'.

Unless you can consider remote location of your antenna, or an extreme tower, I don't see a way for you to receive much, if any, stations transmitting from Mt. Seymour, Vancouver, BC.

Electron 10-Jan-2012 1:11 AM

Sling Box The Sling Box Pro-HD has a built in Digital Broadcast Tv Tuner. The Pro-HD will be set up /installed at a place where CBUT can be received. The Pro-HD will transmit CBUT ~ Via ~ the internet to a sing box that will display CBUT on your tv.

be236 12-Jan-2012 11:54 PM

Wow... had you lived a few kilometres west of there, to Edison by the bay, I think you would have LOS to Mt Seymour. d'oh.

Still, your report shows you have decent chance to get some Victoria channels in the low negative NM ranges. Try aiming your antenna towards west to there and you might get something.

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