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jimmylittleman 12-Nov-2015 2:20 PM


I cannot figure out how to transfer shows recorded on my OTA DVR (Channel Master 7000 Pal) to a DVD disc

My TV has an HDMI 1 and 2 setting - one is for watching TV and recording on the DVR and the other setting is for playing DVDs etc - when I play a recorded show off of the DVR and have the DVD player on "record" nothing transfers

I think that this is probably something that I am just overlooking but I would like to figure this out as my DVR hard drive is getting full

Any ideas


ADTech 12-Nov-2015 5:44 PM


the DVD player on "record"
Do you have a DVD "player" or a DVD "recorder"? There's a big difference as a DVD player cannot record.


My TV has an HDMI 1 and 2 setting - one is for watching TV and recording on the DVR

jimmylittleman 12-Nov-2015 7:43 PM

Yeah sorry I did not make that clear - I have a DVD recorder - have successfully recorded TV shows before the system went digital - since then I can only record from TV to DVR on HDMI 2 - the DVD recorder only works on HDMI 1 setting so crossing those platforms is what I have not been able to figure out

So I can play a recorded show/game etc from the DVR and hit "Record" on the DVD with a disc etc but nothing transfers

Hope this makes more sense

ADTech 12-Nov-2015 8:35 PM

You'd likely do best to simply contact the device manufacturer for assistance.

DVD recorders are pretty scarce and very few people even know they exist, much less use one.

timgr 12-Nov-2015 10:38 PM

DVD recorders are present in home computers routinely. If you want to record shows that you have saved, I would think you could do it with your home theater PC that acts as a DVR and saves programs to the hard disk for later playback. It's got to be just a matter of software that packages the saved files in DVD format and copies to the DVD media.

That, or stream the shows recorded on your existing DVR to the hard drive on your home computer. From there, you record onto DVD. If your DVR does not support streaming to another device (via USB typically), then you are kind of stuck with hacking the DVR so it will stream, buying a different DVR setup that will allow you to stream data, or start erasing old programs from your DVR so you can load more programs.

Tower Guy 14-Nov-2015 6:34 PM

Unless I'm missing something, you need to add a connection from the Channelmaster DVR output to the DVD recorder input. The way you are currently connected the HDMI cables feed from each device into the TV set and not out to the DVD recorder.

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