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Udvarias 18-Jul-2012 12:39 AM

Missing channels in Montréal area
I got the 'TV Signal Analysis Results' for:

Latitude: 45.4930555556 Longitude: 73.6108333333 Antenna height: 30

The URL returned was:

The Digital only list does not include:
  • Global Montreal (CKMI-SD 15.2). There is no info at Wikipedia®, however the URL is This is simply a 480i 4:3 broadcast of their CKMI-DT signal.

MisterMe 18-Jul-2012 4:24 PM

TV Fool lists RF broadcast channels. CKMI-SD 15.2 is a virtual channel. It is included as part of CKMI RF15 which is listed.

CFTU is listed under Pending Applications as CFTU-DT RF29 (Virtual 29.1). It is listed in the Current Database as broadcasting CFTU-TV RF29. I note that CFTU was granted three extensions of its mandate to convert to digital broadcasts. The third extension expired on March 31, 2012. When it cease analog broadcasts on February 23, 2012, it beat the third deadline. However, it was the last Montréal broadcast TV station to convert to digital. I assume that TV Fool will soon update its records. However, it is of minor consequence between CFTU's RF channel did not change.

CJNT is a different story. Its analog to digital changeover found it switching RF channels from RF62 to RF49. However, CJNT is a troubled station. Perhaps its ownership issues played a role in the delay in updating its information in TV Fool's database.

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