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ocjedi 5-Dec-2011 8:48 AM

No NBC or FOX Reception in Vancouver, Wa
I have gone through 2 antennas & have not been able to get good reception for 2 VHF signals, FOX & NBC. Is anyone else having these issues in the southwest Washington area. The antenna are in the attict. I used them for several years and 1 day bumped the antenna. Ever since then I can't use it. I get partial to no reception. If I movie it 1 cm in one direction it might work for a little bit but then goes back to nothing. Please help. All UHF signals come out GREAT!

GroundUrMast 5-Dec-2011 6:34 PM

Please read Guidelines when asking for help then post a link to your TV Fool report.

Can you provide the make and model of the two antennas you've tried? Which one is currently in service?

What direction is the antenna aimed?

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