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ucdgrad 5-Sep-2011 7:59 AM

Folsom, ca, 95630
I have cut the cable and satellite cord but I'm having trouble maintaining reception on the local channels between two tvs in the house. I am using a Terk antennae from Best Buy. I get the ION channels in 100%. NBC, ABC, and CBS are temperamental with NBC being the strongest of the three. FOX works most of the time. Almost all of the channels come in almost all of the time with the tv upstairs. The downstairs tv cannot get a clear signal for CBS and NBC and ABC usually go out in the early evening. The ION channels and FOX are almost always accessible. What can I do to get better coverage? Is there a better indoor antennae I can purchase that will help? I already have some kind of power booster that my friend's husband installed when he set up my tvs. I'm quite content with cutting the cord, but without poor weather conditions just a few months away and not so stable coverage right now I'm wondering what the coverage will be like when the storms come.

John Candle 5-Sep-2011 9:28 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
Do what the other question askers do , Do This --> With the exact address and the antenna height at 25 feet , Make and post a radar plot. Also is this a , house , condo, apt. , mobile home , motor home , or ect. . How many Tv's??

ucdgrad 6-Sep-2011 6:07 AM

Here is the link to the report I created with TV Fool at 25ft.

I have a two story house and currently have three televisions requiring antennae service.

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