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mellenerd 10-Oct-2013 6:21 PM

New at this poor reception
Hey, I am very new to the ota world and in need of some help. I'm roughly 40 miles north east of most of the major stations in st. louis. I have a db8 antenna installed in my attic pointed in the direction of the local stations. I got most if not all of them full strength some of the time. It seems my receptions is not very good in the morning and mid afternoon, but after around 5:00 it some times clears right up giving me full bars on my reception. Other times it doesn't work much better after 5. any help on how to improve this as I would like to get ksdk channel 5 on a regular basis for my news source.

Like I said I have a db8 in my attic with a 30db preamp. I have a splitter going to 3 rooms two rooms are only a 20' run, the 3rd room being closer to a 60' run.

tv fool..



antenna box

tv on channel 2 this morning

attic set up

Please let me know if I need any more information.

ADTech 10-Oct-2013 7:16 PM

If you get the antenna out of the attic, up in the air with a clear line of sight back to St Louis, and on vertical mast, you'll likely find that your problems have been solved. Otherwise, you will likely waste significant time and effort trying different spots in the attic, and still not see much improvement.

teleview 10-Oct-2013 10:04 PM

Practical and Useful Information.
Install the DB8 antenna above the peak of the roof in such a manner that the roof and building are not , obstructing , impeding , blocking , reception in the directions of , West , South West , South , South East , North , North East.

Aim the antenna at about 210 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

Use a Real and Actual magnetic compass to aim antenna.

Digital Broadcast Tv tuners can develop -Digital Glitches- that are not cleared out with simple channel scans.

Do Double Rescan ,


mellenerd 10-Oct-2013 10:04 PM

Thank you very much, could you point me to some documentation on grounding. I'm confused if I ground the mass or the coax cable itself? any help would be nice. thank you.

ADTech 10-Oct-2013 11:02 PM


See NEC article 810. Most libraries have a copy.

GroundUrMast 11-Oct-2013 12:51 AM

Yes, ground both...

See post 20 of

mellenerd 14-Oct-2013 6:53 PM

Thank you all very much for your help.

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