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Stumped2 18-Jul-2019 7:28 AM

Does TV Fool have an admin ?
Does TV Fool have an administrator?

I keep getting email from the webmaster that my mailbox is full. And it is full of spam from one source. I've replied several times indicating it's spam & to block that person. I also sent a message to the admin regarding the same.

I've asked at least 5 times to block the spammer but so far nothing has been done. Yesterday I received 10 emails from the webmaster saying my mailbox is full. Of course it is because he has not stopped the spammer.

It's as if this site does not have a webmaster or admin and it's just running on automatic. If anyone knows how to contact someone in charge of this site I would appreciate passing along the information.


ADTech 19-Jul-2019 5:51 PM

Somewhere, perhaps,but there's been no evidence that anyone is actively managing the website for a long time.

Best suggestion I can offer is to turn off private messaging from anyone not a mod or admin.

bobsgarage 1-Aug-2019 6:15 AM

No Admin
Yes, I believe there is no admin. It took me awhile over a month to get approved for my tvfool membership. There are some admins here, but they are volunteers. We successfully had a remember removed that was trolling everybody's posts about a year ago. That was done by me sending PM's to whoever would read them.

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