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Kiasis 11-Dec-2014 6:44 PM

Help w/ reception and install
I used the mapping tools, but am a bit confused by the various results/maps. The signal finder appears to show good reception on a number of channels, but when I go to the specific signal maps, it seems that I'm in a "very weak signal" status for most channels, even those in yellow and green. I'd appreciate any advice on necessary equipment and to be connected with a local installer (assuming roof mount necessary).


Jake V 13-Dec-2014 12:52 AM

This is the TV Fool Report for your house:

At 20 feet:

At 30 feet:

I'd recommend editing your post to remove the exact address (or maybe one of the mod's will do it).

StephanieS 15-Dec-2014 2:38 AM

Greeting Kiasis,

An interesting but doable plot. You're biggest disappointment will probably lie in the 480i (non-HD) feed of KNVN NBC via translator K42HL-D. CBS, FOX, PBS and ABC should be achievable in HD.

I suggest a outdoor mounted 2 antenna system with an open unobstructed view. First antenna I'd purchase would be an Antennas Direct DB8e. Mount @ 30' and orientate to heading 328. Expect KCVU FOX, KHSL CBS, KIXE PBS, K42HL-D (CW and NBC) along with a smattering of religious and Hispanic programming. For KRCR ABC, you'll need high-VHF support. Recommend Antennacraft Y10713. Orientate to magnetic heading 311.

You'll need to combine these two antennas. This can be accomplished by a mast mounted preamp or signal combiner. The one that best fits your situation will depend on length of coax, how many TVs you want to serve etc. How many TVs do you intend to serve?


Flint Ridge 15-Dec-2014 1:17 PM

91XG also an option. It has a wider beam width and more gain down low (ch. 24, presuming you are looking for that NBC station @ 332 degrees), try to capture both angles on one antenna, split difference or favor #24. If KRCR-TV 7 is your only ABC then you need to look possibly for a dedicated VHF antenna. What are all the other channels in between, sometimes those are legit stations that are simply missing data.

Kiasis 15-Dec-2014 6:59 PM

Thanks everyone. Any idea on how to find an installer in my area (zip code 95901)? I'm not getting any responses to posts on this website, nor have I had much luck googling, but I may be using stupid search terms. Or do I need to man-up and do the install myself (never done anything like this and have very little daylight time at home)?

StephanieS 15-Dec-2014 7:23 PM

You can try this local TV repair shop to see if they know anyone:

Universal Electronics
3020 Industrial Dr
Yuba City, CA 95993
(530) 755-0204

Or a local amateur radio operator group might be a good place to ask questions. They may even do it for a free meal.

River City ARCS
c/o Paul Grose, Treasurer
4949 H Pkwy
Sacramento, CA 95823-3413
Telephone: (916) 905-4HAM or (916) 905-4426

Just tell them what you are looking for and see if they know of any service. I'm hesitant to suggest satellite installers because of past experiences.

Also be prepared, when having someone else do the install, they may give you a completely different antenna(s) recommendation. Quiz them about why they choose what antenna and why. Make sure they give you good answers.

Good luck.

Kiasis 15-Dec-2014 7:28 PM

Thanks, Stephanie. Very much appreciated!

StephanieS 15-Dec-2014 7:38 PM

Glad to help out. :)

I would say this regarding "manning up." If you aren't comfortable doing the install yourself then don't do it. Better to not risk injury or the irritation of never getting the system to perform as expected. I ran into a similar situation at my location. Finally, I just did it myself. Luckily, I'd had some experience in years past putting up CB/Amateur antennas so it wasn't a stretch.

There is also a gentleman in the bay area who advertises installations. He may be good to ask. His last post here was in 2010, but he may be a resource. His email is:

Best of luck!

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