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jimmylittleman 23-Sep-2016 11:08 PM

OTA HDMI issues
I use an OTA system that works just fine (and free) my problem is I would like to transfer some recorded programming from the DVR hard drive to a DVD disc. The DVR operates on HDMI-2 - the DVD player/recorder operates on HDMI -1 - so I have been unable to make this work - I see that there are all kinds of HDMI splitters on Amazon but I cannot figure out what I need or if this will even work. Any ideas??


rabbit73 24-Sep-2016 3:13 AM

Copy protection might be preventing the HDMI handshake. A splitter that might work is here:

ADTech 24-Sep-2016 12:50 PM


the DVD player/recorder operates on HDMI -1 -
The HDMI port on that device is probably only able to be used as an output, not an input.

rabbit73 24-Sep-2016 2:04 PM


The HDMI port on that device is probably only able to be used as an output, not an input.
That certainly is possible.


What is the make and model of the recorder, and what INPUTS does it have?

Jimmy's previous thread:

misc background info

Antenna - Winegard HD8200U - about 40' above ground level on roof
Pre-AMP - Winegard Chromstar 2000 AP8275
TV - LG 47LV4400-UA
DVR (recently added) Channel Master CM7000PAL
weather out here (Wa State) has gotten clear and cold
I am on the fringes of reception from the Seattle metro area
I get all the channels from the Seattle metro area (KOMO 4 King 5 Kiro 7, 11, KCPQ 13) - unless we are having really bad weather.

rickbb 27-Sep-2016 7:36 PM

A lot of DVR and other recording devices have been manufactured to deliberately make transferring, (ripping) of recordings difficult if not impossible.

This is done due to pressure from the RIAA, (Record Industry Association of America). An organization that generates lots of lawsuits, media coverage (and income) over what and how things can be recorded.

One way around this is to make your own. I use a Hauppauge TV tuner card in a Windows 7 PC for my DVR. Using Windows Media Center to record and convert the recorded files into a format that can be used in my burner software to do what I like with it.

I've been able to put about 50 episodes of Thomas The Train on tablets for my grandchildren this way. Works great.

GroundUrMast 28-Sep-2016 7:36 PM

Like rickbb, I use a tuner and computer... my system uses SiliconDust tuners and a Linux OS computer. The recordings are just files... MPEG 1/2 format as they come off the air.

I also have started using a model HDTC-2US (SiliconDust) which has the hardware to transcode to lower bit rates. This makes my tablet a functional TV and with VPN connectivity and adequate bandwidth, I can remote into the tuner via the Internet.

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