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Nascarken 3-Jul-2016 10:24 PM

HD 8200u is it to MUCH with a channel master 7777amp
What if I stagger stack HD 8200u winegard, and Question about, VHF,can I just hook the VHF separately , and hook the uhf a z z well to the antenna, !!!! ! mast mount amplifier,has one vhf, in and two uhf in can ,,It be done like that? And my zip,01550 it is good for what it is telling you, on the tv fool report, and the antennas height is 85Ft A G L maybe/30,well everyone thanks again ,and have a safe and happy 4Th OF JULY

rabbit73 5-Jul-2016 12:52 AM

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TV Fool report for center of town

center of town:

zip code map:

Report for Location A:

Report for Location B:

Report for Location C:

Report for Location D:

Nascarken 5-Jul-2016 1:05 AM

Yes Rabbit the tv fool reports is good ,now my question is can, I single hook up the VHF , separate the uhf , and use a vhf/uhf mast mount amplifier, now I have 2 real strong channels, 27,1&27,2 can I use a notch filter , and where can I find one, and should I use a filter for F M radio station to, and the antennas 85Ft high

rabbit73 5-Jul-2016 1:40 AM

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The VHF and UHF are already combined in the Winegard VHF/UHF Terminal Board Housing for CA/HD Antennas (CB-8269). You would need to use a UVSJ to separate them, which would have a loss of about 0.5 to 1.0 dB.

If you want access to the VHF and UHF sections before the combiner, it would be a custom modification.

Nascarken 5-Jul-2016 1:59 AM

So would that be 5 per antenna box's that is removed, and that is what burns up , on them, To make up for that loss, the amplifier VHF is 30DB and uhf is 40 DB, so when I remove them what do I need to TO make it work ps rabbit 73 your o's m

rabbit73 5-Jul-2016 2:14 AM

If you don't want to use the UVSJ to separate UHF and VHF you would need to connect a balun to each of the sections where the clip leads are attached, but I can't guarantee it would be a good match that way; you are on your own as an experiment.

rabbit73 5-Jul-2016 2:35 AM

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Virtual channels 27.1 and 27.2 are on real channel 29, which is WUNI. The strength of WUNI is not the same for all locations in your zip code, and you have refused to give a report for your exact location so I really don't know how strong it really is for you.

Center of town -60.8 dBm
A -61.4 dBm, but WCRN is stronger at -49.0 dBm because it is only 11.6 miles away
B -57.0 dBm
C -71.1 dBm, but WPXQ is stronger at -59.9 dBm
D -63.8 dBm, but WCRN is stronger at -51.7 dBm

ChannelPlus NF-471: Notch Filter
Removes CATV channels 75-80 and UHF channels 24-29
Notch filter frequency 529.25 MHz to 559.25 MHz
24 530-536 MHz
25 536-542
26 542-548
27 548-554
28 554-560
29 560-566

Custom single channel bandstop filter for channel 29 from Tin Lee Electronics:

Jan Jenca

rabbit73 5-Jul-2016 3:12 AM

I don't know if you need an FM filter because you haven't done an FM FOOL report.

Here is an FM report for your zip, which is the center of town, but it might not be accurate for your actual location.

Nascarken 5-Jul-2016 3:41 AM

We'll Rabbit 73 it's fun to all ways experiment ,with this stuff,and I am, by the coffee shop,37,C st, and I have all ways liked How, you do such good detail,on everything, and I think it will work FINE,, and what if I just use CABLE for the antenna to the. Amp, and they should be the same l,,ength of CABLE on it to , we'll I thank you for all of your time, time for some, z z z z 73 till tomorrow,thank you,

rabbit73 5-Jul-2016 11:33 AM

How To Troubleshoot a Winegard Antenna Cartridge Housing


I am, by the coffee shop,37,C st,

Nascarken 5-Jul-2016 4:04 PM

Good morning Rabbit 73 It just can't get enny better than this, the videos on winegard are. O s m, thank you, now what about the F M filter, and how much DB loss is there when useing filters,

rabbit73 5-Jul-2016 10:27 PM


O s m,
What does that mean? Please explain.

I can not answer your question about an FM filter because you have not given me an ACCURATE exact address FM FOOL report or an ACCURATE exact address TV FOOL report.

All I have is this:

and this:

Why don't you try the FM filter in a preamp, or a separate FM filter to see if they make any difference.

What makes you think you have an FM interference problem?

Nascarken 6-Jul-2016 10:56 AM

Good morning Rabbit 30central st 01550 here's the address and when u s e I n g F M, filters how much DB loss is there.

rabbit73 6-Jul-2016 3:23 PM

Thank you, Ken. I would like to see a photo of a tall tower with an HD8200u on it in downtown Southbridge.

Nascarken 6-Jul-2016 4:44 PM

In one week after I have every thing in places and then I will post picturers of the antenna and thanks again for all of your information your o's m and 73

rabbit73 6-Jul-2016 6:14 PM

TV signals:

Strongest TV signal is WUNI at -62.4 dBm = -13.6 dBmV

max input of 7777 = 15 dBmV

-13.6 dBmV + ant gain 13.7 dBd = 0.1 dBmV, no preamp overload from WUNI

-62.4 dBm + ant gain 13.7 dBd + preamp gain 30 dB = -18.7 dBm, no tuner overload

FM signals:

strongest FM signal WORC = -26.7 dBm

-26.7 dBm + ant gain ~6 dB = -20.7 dBm = 28.1 dBmV, preamp overload

turn on 7777 FM filter
28.1 dBmV - 15 dB = 13.1 dBmV, preamp probably OK, no guarantee

WORC freq 98.9 MHz

External FM filters getting hard to find; no more Radio Shack, or MCM, except maybe on Amazon or Ebay

Antennas Direct has a few left; when they are gone, no replacement

Insertion loss for TV signals probably about 1 dB.

A HLSJ can also be used as an FM filter:

rabbit73 6-Jul-2016 7:28 PM

Now that I have shown you some interesting images and done all that hard math, maybe you will reward me by telling me what this means:

o's m

Nascarken 7-Jul-2016 2:20 AM

It means that I need a f m filter, 0k rabbit73 now I have a Question, about the mast mount amplifier, I have it has one VHF in at 30:DB,& UHF in at:40:DB, should I use it full power? Or should I use 1/2 of it's DB,gain, it goes from,25,to,40:DB, and I have to say that I can't ,thank you enough for your o's m and I mean o's m work, and time you spent helping me, and a z z soon a z z I PUT it together and up in the air, I will post picturers, and I will make sure that you see them first,thanks again and have a good day!!!73

rabbit73 8-Jul-2016 2:26 AM

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I have a Question, about the mast mount amplifier, I have it has one VHF in at 30B,& UHF in at:40B, should I use it full power?
Uh-Oh, you changed amplifiers on me.

This thread has the title:
HD 8200u is it to MUCH with a channel master 7777amp

So I made my calculations based on the CM 30 dB 7777 amplifier for UHF and VHF combined, to answer that question.

40 dB is TOO MUCH.

More is not better, it will cause overload.

You only need 18 to 24 dB to make up for distribution losses.

Channel Master on their page for the 7777 says be careful with the 30 dB 7777.

Are you talking about the Johansson 7404?

Do you have a Johannson 7404 or are you going to buy one?

Please notice in attachment 4 that the 2430 power supply requires 230V AC, not 120V AC.

Nascarken 8-Jul-2016 3:15 PM

Yes Rabbit don't get mad ,like I said I am looking for the best way to rececive, and to get into the DXers TV hobby,yes it is for the channel master 7777,amp so if I was to stack antennas, and use the channel master 7777amp ?but does that mean that it will overload ? Because 30+ whatever two stacked HD8200u winegard, in d.b gain ,we'll rabbit 73 I have I HAVE, M,S and I have little T, left To get IT done right so I can enjoy it, but I still have to say one thing, your information is , O S M , And I can not Thank You enough, Rabbit 73,and can you please help me out with the REST OF this subject,and thanks again and,73,to :rolleyesyou Rabbit,

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