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Travis798 4-Feb-2016 10:04 PM

Please help me choose my equipment
Hello. I'm looking into putting up an antenna for ota TV but my TV fool report doesn't look good.

I've played around with different heights and don't really see a change until 75ft where a couple of 2 edge signals turn to 1edge. I already have a 25ft pole so I'm going to try to stay with that.

I guess I'm looking for a really good deep fringe antenna. I ordered a winegard 8200u but I'm now wondering if there is something better for my situation. I estimate cable run to be around 35ft with only one TV.

The antenna pole is on the east side of my house and extend about 10ft over the top of my metal roof.

Any recommendations on antenna, whether or not I will probably need a pre amp, and anything else I might need to know would be appreciated. I plan on a good rotor at some point but ones good enough for the antenna size I will need in Oklahoma wind are a little more cash than I want to drop right now.

ADTech 4-Feb-2016 11:11 PM

It always amazes me that folks choose to order that antenna when there are no low VHF stations anywhere around. That results in a huge amount of metal up in the air that is doing nothing except providing a roost for the birds. You can certainly use it, it's just bigger, heavier, more expensive and more difficult to install than a slimmed-down, more appropriate choice.

Before doing anything, it's always a good idea to first figure out what your goal is and then, as needed seek advice. Since your horse is already behind the cart, might as well figure out what you can best do. Start with the first idea and explain what you want to get.

Travis798 4-Feb-2016 11:26 PM

Well I have tried to get advice but I've spent all week waiting account activation on a couple of forums and another forum was pretty much dead.

I'm sending the 8200u back anyway. I have to prove my point to Amazon that when the product order page says get it Thursday, I expect it that week and not the next. Even if it's the antenna I need, is send it back and reorder it just to prove my point considering this is the 2nd order in a week this has happened.

I've gotten a recommendation for a winegard 7698p. Would that be a better antenna? According to my TV fool report and what I had read I assumed I would need vhf for any hope of channel 8. Maybe I was wrong on that?

My goal is simply to bring in as many channels as I can. I don't know enough about ota and the TV fool charts and 1edge or 2edge and whatever to know what I can or can't get or what I need to do to get them.

Flint Ridge 5-Feb-2016 12:57 AM

I think a little more specificity would help. Prioritize what networks you would like to receive and if by chance there was a station that you wanted as well. Your signals are from various directions and to provide assistance, we need a bit more to help you.

Travis798 5-Feb-2016 1:07 AM

Really I'm just hoping for NBC, CBS and fox. It doesn't really matter to me whether it's the okc, Tulsa or Wichita stations. Okc would probably be the best, which is to my south west, because they have better weather but I think those would also be the hardest to get. The pole I'll be mounting it on is turnable, and I plan on getting a decent ham rotor if I can tune in enough stations to make it with it. My mast is made out of pipe (real pipe, not thin fencing stuff) and hinged in the middle to make it foldable so adding a rotor later would be pretty easy

rabbit73 5-Feb-2016 2:27 AM

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Really I'm just hoping for NBC, CBS and fox.
A Winegard HD7698P aimed at 130 degrees magnetic.


Those networks are also available from 206 deg, but they are weaker and further away.

If a preamp is needed, Channel Master 7778. The 7777 has more gain but it is easily overloaded. The Antennas Direct Juice is also suitable; it doesn't have an FM filter, but I don't think that would be a problem.

I don't know enough about ota and the TV fool charts and 1edge or 2edge and whatever to know what I can or can't get or what I need to do to get them.
2Edge signals can be difficult, and the curvature of the earth at 76 miles is a challenge. You just have to try it.

Flint Ridge 5-Feb-2016 2:33 AM

Thanks Travis798, now we have something to try to work out. Given your location, knowing the weather headed your way is wise.

So, stations @ 210 degrees.

NBC KFOR - Real Ch 27 - UHF - 2 Edge @ 2.8 NM(db) - Red Zone - at bottom
CBS KWTV - Real Ch 39 - UHF - 2 Edge @ 0.5 NM(db) - Red Zone - at bottom
FOX KOKH - Real Ch 24 - UHF - 2 Edge @ -10 NM(db) - Grey Zone - Extreme Measures

I'm sure you know this but it is FLAT in you area. Have you tried looking at bumping it to 30' 40' 50' on your TVFool report? Curious what happens to the signal strength.

Is it clear in that direction? Trees/buildings etc that might block your signal?

Certainly looks like it is possible to get those. Recommendations from experts will likely come along - just an amateur here.

Travis798 5-Feb-2016 2:58 AM

It's flat to the west of me and not as flat to the east. I'm about right dead on the dividing line between eastern and western Oklahoma. According to Google earth, there is a 500' elevation difference between me and Tulsa. TV Fool shows distance to be 76 miles, but Google Earth shows it more around 55-60 miles.

Oklahoma City is further away, at around 90 miles, but only a 100' elevation difference between there and me, with me being on the lower end.

I'm on the west end of this small town of 300, so to the east there are a few trees, but I think my antenna would get over most everything. To the north west is clear, with a few trees to the south west.

Bumping the height up barely helps the first few channels. I'm assuming a higher NM (db) is better, in which case 40' gets me about .1 better, with quite a few channels lower. Example is at 25' Fox is 4.1 NM (whatever that is) and at 40' it is 3.9. Bumping it up to 60' follows the same pattern.

Travis798 7-Feb-2016 1:44 PM

Well I haven't gotten a new antenna yet, but I did find and dig out an old Channel Master antenna I had lying in my scrap metal pile. Some of the longer elements are missing, some are bent up, and some of the locking tabs are missing and let other elements just flop around, but things are looking good.

I tried without a pre amp and wasn't seeing a lot, but after hooking up a Winegard LNA-200 pre amp things are looking hopeful. Last night I was getting over 50 channels, but most of them were around 55-60%. I'm getting some channels that don't even show on the TV Fool report. What is hopeful is right now I'm locking into channels at 206 with 95% signal strength this morning.

With the new hope, it gives me renewed energy to work on this. I'm assuming with the shape of this antenna a new one would yield better results, at least most likely. Is that correct?

Would a ChannelMaster 7777 or 7778 pre-amp be better than the Winegard LNA 200?

I had over 50 channels last night but a lot of those were probably just luck. I haven't tried checking all of them again this morning because I can't remember where the antenna was pointed for all of them and I'm kind of scared to move the antenna (Ha!).

I did throw up a CM rotor so scanning is pretty easy. It's kind of strange because last night it seemed the signals were coming in best when my CM rotor was showing exactly (or very close) to where TV Fool says. But this morning I'm 95% on channel 27 (Virtual 4.1) which is 206 degrees and I'm pointed at 129. Walking outside and looking at the antenna verifies that it is pointed toward Tulsa, which is 130 degrees. Does this mean the signal isn't meant to last?

Sorry I'm so full of questions, I'm just kind of excited.

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