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dss44889 22-Aug-2013 6:41 PM

OTA setup for Northern Ohio
I have cut the DirecTV cord. Now I am looking for a OTA setup. I have a 30' tower that I was planning on putting a Winegard HD 7084P with a Winegard AP8700 pre-amp along with a rotor. Any opinions on this setup?

Here is my site report:

Thank you!!


GroundUrMast 22-Aug-2013 7:04 PM

If your goal is to have a nice DX'ing system, I would suggest an amplifier with better overload resistance. Ex. Winegard LNA-200.

If you simply want reliable channel surfing on multiple TV's, the 7084 could simply be fixed pointing due east (no rotator needed). You wouldn't need an amplifier to drive four or more TVs.

teleview 23-Aug-2013 8:40 PM

Aim the HD7084P antenna at about 95 degree magnetic compass direction and receive , Many , many , many , many , many , many , many , many , many , Digital Broadcast Tv stations/channels.

No antenna rotator required.

No antenna system amplifier required.

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