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jmover 20-Jan-2012 1:04 AM

buying an ota tv
Here is my report

I hope to buy a small ( bedroom size) tv and watch via ota signal. I hope to just use simple antenna that come with the tv.

Dave Loudin 20-Jan-2012 2:31 AM

You should be fine. Note that all your locals come from the east.

Electron 20-Jan-2012 3:09 AM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
All your Easy To Receive and STRONG tv transmissions are at about 81 degree magnetic compass. Here is how to aim indoor antennas , A Simple NON Amplified indoor tv antenna is recommended such as a Channel Master CM4010 or Terk HDTVi <-- note the letter --> i , this is a NON amplified indoor tv antenna. A amplified antenna is not recommended for your location because the tv transmissions are strong and the amplifier will overload and be the cause of bad or no reception. The best building construction for indoor tv reception is wood frame with wood or plastic siding. . Metal siding of any type or kind such as but not limited to metal siding , stucko with stucko Wire will reduce or block tv reception. Concrete walls or concrete block or cinder block construction will reduce or block tv reception. Bricks or stones in or on the walls will reduce or block reception. Metal roof will reduce or block reception. Solar panels will reduce or block reception. Metal backed insulation will reduce or block tv reception.

GroundUrMast 20-Jan-2012 3:29 AM

It sounds like we all agree. In particular, I want to echo Electron's advise to avoid using an amplified antenna or accessory amplifier.

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