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owlmeat 8-May-2018 5:00 PM

Antenna Suggestions Welcome
TV Fool Report

Goals / Restrictions:

Needs: Basic. FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC
Needs: Antenna must be in attic
Wants: Hoping to maximize channels options. Upgraded gear is acceptable.

This is an install for my parents. They live in a condominium association, and would prefer not to take the hard route and get an external antenna approved. (I explained the performance differences to no avail.)

Maybe a DB-8e pointed at 109 and 266?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

jrgagne99 9-May-2018 12:56 PM

You'll probably only get NBC on one of the two VHF-hi options (WILX or WOOD). WEYI-NBC (UHF) is likely too weak for an attic installation. Everything else on your list is on UHF. I think I would try a Clearstream 2MAX or 4MAX aimed at 175-magnetic. The thought being that the VHF-dipole will pick up real 10 (WILX-NBC), the channels to the east are strong enough to receive on the side lobes, and you'll get FOX off the back since there is no reflector on that antenna. Start simple (1 TV, short coax runs), and you'll probably need to spin it around and rescan many times until you have it dialed in. I have heard antenna installs are a cr-shoot. Hopefully, you wouldn't need a dedicated VHF-Hi antenna solely for NBC.

owlmeat 9-May-2018 1:28 PM

Thanks jrgagne99! Great suggestions.

ADTech 9-May-2018 2:56 PM

It's actually easier than that.

Since you explicitly said "basic stuff" (major networks only), you only need to worry about two specific groupings of broadcast towers that are specific to the Lansing DMA: The towers at 101-103° true )CBS, PBS) and 163-168° true (ABC, NBC, FOX). The stations from the adjacent cities (Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Flint, Detroit,etc) are probably superfluous to your basic objective.

NBC is available on WILX, VHF 10 out of Battle Creek.

That said, my first choice would be a ClearStream 2V as it allows the flexibility to dismount and aim the VHF section independently should that be necessary. The 2nd choice would be the ClearStream 2MAX which has the advantage of being available in local retail stores (Lowe's, Walmart, & Best Buy) and is extremely easy to assemble. In either case, the desired aiming would be southeast and then tweak from there as needed. Both of the suggested antennas have very broad beamwidths and should be easy to aim.

What is not included on the TVFool data are details about the immediate surroundings of the condo's attic area. If the available location(s) happen to require that the antenna be aimed point blank into another building or trees that are in the signal paths, then all bets are off.

owlmeat 9-May-2018 6:32 PM

Another good suggestion. Thanks ADTech! Local availability and install complexity are not a concern. I noticed you both recommended Clearstream 2MAX. Any opinions between 2MAX and 4MAX? Any others I should consider?

ADTech 10-May-2018 2:22 AM

Do NOT select the 4Max or 4V, its beam-width is too narrow for your application.

Alternatives would be the either the DB2e or DB4e plus the VHF1 kit. All would need to be ordered as they are not carried in B&M retail stores. My preference for maximized performance would the the DB4e plus VHF1 if available attic space permits.

Nascarken 10-May-2018 12:32 PM

Why is that the ANTENNA Direct 91xg offers The AGL.
And all the rest of the antenna Direct antennas do not.
And why is that but if you put a AGL of 45 On the
2MAX on the fool report it increased your signal strength.??

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