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owlmeat 8-May-2013 5:54 PM

Standard beginner hardware and pointing question
I'm investigating antenna options at my location. I've read through a number of recommendations, and I'm starting to pick up the logic behind the recommendations. When I try to apply the same logic to my transmitters, my brain locks up. Any opinions on this mess? I've got the tallest house on the highest lot in the county (50' higher than the rest of the local topography). Ill have about a 60' run. I've got no problem mounting a big antenna(s) above roof level. I don't have any absolute channel requirements, Id just like to pick up as many as I reasonably can. Id like to avoid switches or rotors, but I also know beggars cant be choosers.

I chose a 30' height to be safe. I can repost higher if it would help.

Edit: one splitter heading to (2) TVs is to be used.

Ive been looking at a DB4E / C5 ClearStream setup, but Ill keep my mind open on any suggestions. Thank you!


teleview 9-May-2013 12:59 AM

The provided tvfool radar plot and channel list says.

WARNING . Address was resolved to zip code level and might not be that close to your actual location. For more accurate results , try entering a specific address or coordinates. = Latitude / Longitude.

Or can go to the tvfool home page and click on , >>Start MAPS<<.

Move the pointer to your Exact location make the antenna height 30 feet above ground , and click on , Make Radar Plot , button.


For a Clear and Simple Easy to Understand recommendation for reception of the Digital Tv stations/channels , please provide a accurate tvfool radar plot report and channel list.

elmo 9-May-2013 2:42 AM

Interesting. To get all those majors on the top of the list, what would you think of something simple like a ANT-751? Then try one of two scenarios.

#1 - aim it right at Ch 10, which will get you 38 & 51, plus it'd still pull those super strong signals from 36 & 40 on the back end.

#2 - flip it and aim it at 36, which I think would still get you all the above. Ch 10/38/51 could be a bit weak. But if they tune well, then you *might* be able to add some from 16, 12, 48, etc. Which may not be of value.

I can't say that would get you 34 & 44 very well since they're off on a perpendicular axis.

What did you have in mind with the two antennas you mention?

owlmeat 10-May-2013 8:05 PM

I was going to point the back of the DB4E directly at 10 and see what kind of fishing I can do to try for 16, etc. I was hoping to use a combiner and see if I can touch the VHF channels at 273 degrees with a C5 antenna. Will the C5 pull in any UHF? Will I have any hope for 44 or 34 off the front and back of a C5?

Maybe I should scale all this back and just get a presence on the roof with a ANT-751 and see how things progress?

owlmeat 10-May-2013 8:14 PM

A side question, could I run dual ANT-751s with a joiner as long as they are near 90 degrees apart?

owlmeat 10-May-2013 8:19 PM

This is a Repost

elmo 11-May-2013 3:04 AM

Well, the C5 is rated for VHF, so I wouldn't expect to tune UHF on it. Joined to a DB4e with a UVSJ is a fine plan if you want to go in different directions. Don't expect anything from behind with those antenna's, due to their reflectors. In some scenarios, the reflector is removed to receive from opposite directions. But when it's in place, it rejects signal from behind while concentrating it in front.

You should be able to tune 34 & 44 - LOS and pretty strong for your location - but at the same time might be tough w/the DB4e.

As for dual 751's, I can't say. Sounds like a good opportunity for multi-path. The big brother DB8e can actually point in different directions for UHF. Others here could better speak to it's capabilities in your case.

I'd suggest playing around with some signals a little. You can build one or buy, which you could likely return later once you have a feel for what you want to ultimately go with. If you have an old pair of rabbit ears or a bowtie or hoop, you've got something to tinker with. It's exactly what I did the first time I realized, I could connect an antenna here instead of a dish receiver.

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