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meiz 24-Oct-2010 2:21 PM

Lines pointing to each transmitter
The check box "Show lines pointing to each transmitter" is not available and I can't uncheck "overlays off". What's wrong?

mtownsend 24-Oct-2010 9:12 PM

The option for drawing lines to the transmitters is not available in browsers like Safari and Chrome (derived from the WebKit project). There is a known memory allocation bug in those programs that can sometimes cause the browser to crash. This feature will be re-enabled if/when the bug in these browsers gets fixed. For now, you'll need to try a different browser (like Firefox, Opera, etc.) to access the "show lines" option.

The "overlays off" option is a radio button, and not a check box. You can choose to display any of the station coverage overlays in the list below the map (radio buttons only allow you to select one item at a time). Selecting any station will un-select all other options (including "overlays off"). If you do not want to display any coverage overlays, the "overlays off" selection turns off all other selections.

Dave Loudin 25-Oct-2010 3:30 AM

Btw, I misspoke earlier about being able to see the lines via browsing on an iPad.

meiz 25-Oct-2010 10:47 PM

Thanks for the info. I am using Google Chrome so I added the I.E. plugin for Chrome and the lines now show up. Thanks

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