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Coogs 8-Nov-2010 7:07 PM

Pre-Amp/Power Supply Question.
I have a Channel Master 7777 Pre-Amp hooked up to my open air antenna. And it works great. I have it hooked up to the TV in my Man Cave which requires about a 100 foot cable from the amp to the TV... where the power supply is located.

I decided I wanted to try and get my open air system installed into our Master Bedroom as well. It required me to cut my 100 foot cable and put a splitter near the base of my 40 foot tower. This means I have roughly 60 feet of cable to get to the Man Cave TV from the splitter, and about 15 feet of cable to the Master Bedroom.

If I have the Power Supply hooked up in the Man Cave, I can get all of the stations I want on that TV, provided I don't have a cable attached to the back of my TV in the Master Bedroom. And, by the same token, if I have the Power Supply in the Master Bedroom, I can get all the stations I want on that TV, provided I don't have the cable attached to the TV in the Man Cave. If I have the other TV hooked up, I lose reception on both TV's.

Question: If I get another Power Supply, and have 2 Power Supplies hooked up to 1 Pre-Amp and both TV's at one time, will that solve my problem of being able to get TV over the open air antenna in two different rooms at the same time?

Hope this is clear.

ADTech 8-Nov-2010 7:42 PM

Replace your existing splitter with one that is DC PASS on only one output port and verify that you use the correct port for the power supply.

It sounds like your current splitter is DC PASS on ALL ports and that one of your tuners is presenting a DC short to the coax due to the internal balun design.

Coogs 8-Nov-2010 7:46 PM

OK, thanks! I'll give that a try.

Thanks again,


Coogs 22-Dec-2010 3:56 PM

I was able to get a splitter this past weekend like you suggested. It works like a charm!

Thank you!


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