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TOTVBuff 24-Aug-2011 7:19 PM

CHCH Hamilton
I live near Downtown TO and since they switched from 18 to 11 I can no longer receive their signal.

Is there anyone outside of the Hamilton area experiencing the same problem?

I believe their 6 kW transmitter is not sufficient to cover their old transmission area.

ABroad 30-Aug-2011 2:53 AM

I live in Niagara. In analog, it was my strongest channel. Now I do not get it. I finally get CBC but no CHCH, Global, or CTV. It appears I will have to invest in some outdoor hardware.

Couchpotato 24-Sep-2011 4:10 PM

I initially had a problem getting the digital signal from the old analogue (VHF) frequency for two reasons.
1. The signal strength is much lower that the UHF transmission was.
2. I needed to realign the VHF component of my antenna to get a better compromise between channel 9 and 11.

I am located in Brampton Hwy 410 & Sandalwood using a TERK HDTVa indoor antenna. Most of the time I am now getting 60+ % quality reception on CHCH.

From here to the transmission tower at Stoney Creek is 37 miles.

SirLuck 7-Jun-2012 7:13 PM

CHCH in Cleveland
I just installed an outdoor rooftop antenna and am delighted to receive CHCH in Mentor, OH. It must be from a re-transmission tower and not their big 381 ft tower...that's pretty far away.
Anyhow...I just gave cable bills the boot and am glad I can get my news fix on this station, even if it's Canadian, lol
I get 8 bars during the day, but it can drop to 5 during the night. 9 seems to be the highest possible on my tv.

Emu25 6-Feb-2013 2:24 PM

CHCH Reception north of Toronto

I am getting CHCH digital on ch 11 (11.1) using a rooftop combo VHF/UHF Digiwave ANT-2280 antenna, 40ft high aimed directly at the CHCH transmitter tower 51.3 mi away.
The signal is so weak at 6KW but I am getting 1-2 bars of signal.
The pending applications show the CHCH has applied to move to Ch 15(15.1) at a power of 132KW. This should solve the difficuties for all of us.

videobruce 10-Feb-2013 5:12 PM


This should solve the difficuties for all of us.
Unless you live near Gilligan's Island or in the path of. :rolleyes:

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