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Yaguy 7-Jan-2011 10:41 PM

Digital Converter Box Reliability
I have a question to people who've purchased and used digital converter boxes: what brands and models have been poor and which have been pretty good and are still going stong with good pic and sound? Ones that you would recommend that might still be in production.

I've looked and read and there's good and bad reports for many. I have in my area: RCA DTA800B in the stores, $69.99, and also RCA DTA800 $59.99, and Magnavox 110MW9 $69.99, and there are a few Zinwell ZAT970A's at $89.99.

It woud be more expensive, but I'm thinking of ordering a Channel Master CM-7000. For me it'd be $69.99 + around $30 to $50 they said for shipping to Vancouver, BC. - It comes pretty close to half the price of a new digital tuner TV, and we're not getting those $40 coupons in Canada, like in the US.

I just don't want to have to buy another one in 8 to 18 months.

Any ideas or recommendations are appreciated.


John Candle 8-Jan-2011 8:18 AM

Converters Digital to Analog
Converters to look for and buy , some are simple converters and some are much more then simple converters. , Tivax STB-T12 , CM7000 , CM7000PAL , Panasonic DMR-EZ48VK .

Yaguy 8-Jan-2011 6:55 PM

Digital Converter Box Reliability
Thanks John Candle

I saw that there is a new Tivax- the Tivax STB-T12 with a Super Video output, and might try to get that one based on the good reviews for the T8.

I've seen, here in Canada, the Zinwell ZAT970A, and from reading online there are confusting reviews- some that claim the 950A is newer, and some the 970A; but the pics on many sites are not updated to reflect the change in packaging etc. The 970A at "The Source" claims it has an 8 event timer to be used with VCR timer programming.

Yaguy 1-Feb-2011 10:22 PM

Digital to Analogue Converter Boxes
The Magnavox TB110MW9 seems to be showing up in local Walmarts in Canada along with the RCA DTA800B, not B1. The Funai Magnavox it just looks like it might be refurbished. Cardboard boxes held together, top and bottom, with just a strip of clear tape. - I've read good and angry reviews over this box. - Some say it was DOA, some say it died within 9 months to 1 year, and some think it's Ok. I do plan to steer clear of it, as I hope there will become more available in the coming months in Western Canada (maybe some new ones that aren't already 3 years old) as our Aug 31, 2011 transition date draws near.

Anyone ever use the Tivax STB8/9 or the newer one?

I've heard the remotes are problematic.

John Candle 19-Feb-2011 5:22 AM

TV Antennas and Reception
Yes the new T-12 converter box looks like it will be a better box. . I am doing my best to find the most reliable converter boxes and the these boxes are supposed to have direct channel entry with out scanning first. What that means is you can select any digital channel even if there is nothing on that channel. Many converter boxes have to scan for the channels first. And many converter boxes do not allow a rescan to add new channels , it erases the ones that were scanned in before. So if you have Tv stations in different directions , the channels are scanned in one direction and then in the new direction it erases channels of the old direction. . Thats why stone cold direct channel entry is important. And add direct channel entry into memory is important. . The CM7000 is an exception , it will scan for channels and then can be scanned again and add more channels. . Here is a list of converters that have Direct Channel Entry , .

John Candle 19-Feb-2011 5:45 AM

Tuner converters
And I agree , people that wright reviews are not hitting on all 6 cylinders. The truth is that people are filled with biases and all manner of nutcase opinions. A popular way to not tell the truth now days is lying by omission.

Yaguy 19-Feb-2011 5:57 AM

Digital Converter Boxes
Yeah, seems that earlier RCA DTA 800's would scan the channels and that was it. And with a rotator, I'd like to be able to scan, save, and then reposition and scan again to add my southern channels. I think that the newer DTA800B1 can add channels, but tuner sensitivity isn't all that great.

John Candle, I liked your quote: "A popular way to not tell the truth nowadays is lying by omission."

- And the best ones are politicians.

I still have to get a converter box, but I've been waiting for more availability here in Canada.

stubbbone 27-Apr-2011 8:39 AM

Try the KBOX or HDhomerun, both output in true HD formats the latestversion of th Kbox has an HDMI output. The HD homerun connects to your network and can be use with media center very easily to record and playback your shows. Both seem equal when it come to reception. The hd homerun lets you watch one program while recording another, but only two programs at a time per unit, so I can watch one program downstairs on my pc connected to my bigscreen, and the kids can watch one show, if I wish to have more tuners, simply add more boxes to the network. All these are under 129.00 with the older kbox runing at about 50-60 bucks (no hdmi, but component video for 1080i or 720p). Both units can connect to older pc monitors and get rue HdTV.;)

TOTVBuff 24-Aug-2011 7:09 PM

I have a Zinwell 970A and it works pretty good. I believe the difference between the 950 & 970 models is the material used for the internal tuner. One is supposed to be superior.

The 970 does have a timer, but it is unreliable. I've had this for a year now and I find that it turns itself off frequently. So now I'm looking for a replacement. The DISH Network's DTVPal converter is suppose to be one of the best on the market, if you can find it.

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