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bubuski 18-Jun-2013 3:51 AM

CBLT-DT is missing (Mississauga, ON)
CBLT-DT is cbc. It was in my scan earlier this year but I do not have a link

virtual channel: 5.1
real channel: 20

bubuski 21-Jun-2013 6:24 PM

edit. I thought it was fixed but still missing and I noticed a few more


mtownsend 21-Jun-2013 8:43 PM

Your link points to a cached report that has a database date code of 201306070808 (June 7th). The Canadian data was not being imported correctly with that data set. You will need to generate a new report (June 21 or later) in order to get the fixed data set.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you'll find the correct data in any newly generated reports.

bubuski 24-Jun-2013 1:42 PM

This is a more recent report but the results are similar.

I have printscreen from my January or Febuary report which had them. I will upload it later tonight.

mtownsend 12-Jul-2013 12:42 PM

It looks like the stations you're referring to have a status indicator of "AU" (authorized, but not yet fully operational) in the Industry Canada database. The regulator is still the process of updating "AU" records into "OP" (operational).

Our tools normally show only the "OP" records in the reports that are labelled as "Current".

You can get a preview of planned transmitter configurations by selecting the reports labelled as "Pending". These reports include both "OP" and "AU" records so you can get a feel for what the tentative transmitter configurations will give you. You just need to keep in mind that some "AU" records might be modified or cancelled before they become official "OP" records.

canant 16-Jul-2013 3:08 PM

Unfortunately, nearly 2 years after the digital transition deadline, around 1/3 of the transmitters that converted to digital by the deadline are still in the AU status and these transmitters are actively operating in digital today. These transmitters in the AU status include all 23 of the CBC/SRC network of digital transmitters.

I've contacted Industry Canada about this issue, but unless the broadcaster provides them an update that the digital transmitter is operating, they leave it in the AU status. Industry Canada doesn't seem to care if it stays in the AU status indefinitely.

If contacted by the public, Industry Canada will (depending on the rep at Industry Canada), remove database entries of transmitters that are no longer licensed by the CRTC and have permanently shut down.

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