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Lewis 18-Apr-2014 8:59 PM

Unidentified 1970's? vintage yagi type antenna
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Hi folks is anyone familiar with what the make or model this may be? I will attach a picture. My best guess is simply 1970's? vintage yagi type antenna but would like to see the specs on it if I could find out what to look up. I know where the antenna came from as it was my Father in Law's but he is not around to ask about it anymore. I can have this thing for the taking & I was considering trying to rebuild the plastic connectors that have become brittle with aging (they look like hunter green color). All the metal elements are there in that old barn, of course some have fell off. I didn't have a tape measure handy when i took the picture but I estimate it is 18 feet long & 8 feet wide. I presume he had bought the antenna in his pre-C band satellite dish days which was the early 1980s thus why I figured it was from around that era or before anyway. Please give a shout here if you recognize this antenna please & Thanks for looking.

Lewis 23-Apr-2014 4:57 AM

I still am not sure of what this is, after some more some digging around on the internet, some pictures & articles suggests this is the first run of a ChannelMaster older style CM 3617 Deepest Fringe Super Color Crossfire and some other pictures and articles found call it a ChannelMaster CX28 yet still no documentation. An email to ChannelMaster did not yield a positive ID from the sales rep that replied so far at least.

tonyp063 23-Apr-2014 3:36 PM

I think you're correct.

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