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dalis 16-Feb-2015 7:33 PM

Antenna setup feedback
Hi all, starting to find ota very interesting but need to do all the homework before getting into it.

Here is my tvfool report

I was wanting to install an antenna on the garage approx. 15'-20' above ground, where the shaw cable comes into the pole from the lane. Was looking at using the existing cable (approx. 100' wire; age 8years old) which runs from the detached garage then into the ground and then in the house to a cable box which is split to 7 tvs, via Electroline Drop-amp EDA-FT08300.

Question: Can I use the existing setup and just add an antenna which taps into the cable box at the garage? Which antenna would be best? And if at all possible pickup channels from Seattle

Jake V 16-Feb-2015 9:43 PM

Yes, you can use your current signal distribution system left by the cable tv.

I'd use a Antennas Direct DB-8e with one panel aimed at 8 degrees on a compass and the other at about 160 degrees. You will probably not get the Fox station or below. Others can comment on that, as it would require extreme measures.

GroundUrMast 17-Feb-2015 12:02 AM

I'm not at all convinced that you would need or even benefit from an amplifier. There's quite a bit of signal power available in the air.

None of the Seattle market is going to be reliably received. You may get some favorable atmospheric dependent signal propagation from time to time but otherwise, those signals are too weak and distant. Of all the Seattle stations I might attempt, KCPQ (real CH-13) is the most promising... I might be inclined to experiment with an Antennacraft Y10713 and an Antennas Direct 'Juice' preamplifier. If I saw some signal but needed a bit more gain, I'd then consider ganging another Y10713. (This would arguably be going to extreme measures.)

dalis 18-Feb-2015 3:54 AM

Thanks for all the input.
GroundUrMast; I was planning on to leave the drop amp in place as a splitter. I like the DB8e more compact than the Antennacraft Y10713.
Jake: Will the DB4e work just as good. What's the difference? Does the DB4e point to only one tower signal?

This guy seems to get everything

ADTech 18-Feb-2015 11:32 AM


I like the DB8e more compact than the Antennacraft Y10713.
Those two antennas are NOT interchangeable. The Y10713 is for the VHF channel attempt for channel 13. The DB8e that was suggested is for everything else.

My recommendation is to forgo Seattle (unless you're very motivated and very patient). In the case of locals only, go with a DB4e with the reflector panels removed (drill out the rivets).

No preamp is needed.

Reception of the Seattle stations would never be reliable year round, even with "extreme measures". You'll get some of the stations some of the time, though, when the atmospheric propagation across the Sound is enhanced. It's up to you to decide if the extreme effort is worth pursuing.

dalis 19-Feb-2015 4:48 PM

Thank you for all the info. Very useful

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