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tech45 3-Jan-2010 7:55 PM

No More Antenna TV!!
I just heard today on tv that a special interest group in Washington D.C.
Wants Free OTA antenna TV to go away! WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.::mad:

Please write,email or phone Congress!!!
Don't let them strip one more right from us!!!!

OTAMAN2010 10-Jan-2010 5:23 AM

Ota hd a beautiful thing

Originally Posted by tech45 (Post 145)
I just heard today on tv that a special interest group in Washington D.C.
Wants Free OTA antenna TV to go away! WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.::mad:

Please write,email or phone Congress!!!
Don't let them strip one more right from us!!!!

I agree lets keep it free. I know some of you are addicted to tv. But please read. For all that don't realize the FCC spent alot money for us to have the ultimate TV system. HD TV is a beautiful thing and we should all fight to keep it. The clearity of HDOTA is what frigthen Direct, Dish and Cable. Since June pay tv have doing all they can to keep you paying. For years you have paid money to watch the same shows on free tv. (Sinfeld,House of Pain, CSI and many more. At that time we wanted the clearity of cable and the 20 channel they offered on pay tv and that what we paid for. Times has changed and the OTA HD has the best picture. If we all support OTA we all will get more and more over time, just as pay tv evolved so will OTA.

Since June 12 switch pay tv has done all it can to stop HDOTA. Pay tv has used your money you paid to them to do you a great favor, buying as much programming that was always free over OTA to keep you paying. Programming include; sports NCAA and Pros, people Oprah, NBC network and much more. FOX that carried the BCS for the last few years was out bidded by ESPN, which took your hard earned money and brought the BCS for the next few years. Why are we paying for what was always free OTA. If you keep paying you will always pay, and you don't want that.

That is why I think we should all ban together and drop pay tv, and support OTA. After all OTA can deliver the same product and don't cost us nothing.

The real secert is no one need to pay for tv anymore with HDOTA. Pay tv is doing all they can to get rid of OTA. Don't let it happen. OTA is a beatiful thing and don't waste it. Use it or loose it.

Subscribers has been under mind over and over a again by pay tv. In June the biggest sucker punch from pay tv was, as long us you'll be fine. What they didn't tell you HD is clearer and free and now offer more progrmming. you didn't need to by a big fancy HDTV to watch pay tv, Their set top box would keep sending you the digital siginal. Out of 200 channels you pay for, how many do you watch maybe 5 or 10? Whats' up with the other 180. But you pay for all the junk you don't care to watch also. Why pay when most tv markets offer over 40 channels. Each channel can broadcast as many as 5 different programs. Let's give them a reason to use them and get some go programmings for OTA. After all tv is tv, just some you pay for and some you don't. A tv show the same programs. Don't pay for what you can get for free. ESPN gross 6.3 billions this year Ted Turner was on 60 Minutes and mad billions after billions. Let take back what was ours.

What can you do? Inform your congress man to keep OTA. Drop your pay tv. After all the consumers has all ways been in charge. If pay tv have no audience to show commercials, out of bussiness they go. If you drop your pay tv, OTA will get a lot better, and it for free. Pay tv make money off fees/you and commercials. OTA just commercials and can offer the same programs. Do your part and take actions by dropping pay tv. May be the 20 or 30 channels that can survive, will broadcast OTA to make money.

What to do with pay tv money.

College Fund
Pay Extra ON House
Chritmas Fund
Credit Card Payoff
Extra Car Payment
Slush Fund
Repair Money
Gas Money

fonzie888 17-Sep-2010 3:11 PM

I have read about these rumors. By the time they "attemp" to do something like this we will be all eating creamed corn. Too many seniors will not stand for this, and the AARP has weight. 1 out of 7 Americans are on the poverty line and the middle class is dwindling in terms of both real income and credit lending - OTA reception will be the reinvention of old and it'll be "the new." These companies will make more money off the broadband DSL than ever before, since everyone is catching on to running internet cables into the TV for convenient cheaper services. I have a cable package and a small inside RCA antenna that i use periodically and it catches 4 channels - no complaints. I'm going to install a larger outdoor one in the near future to save 80.00 month. I get what I get.
This is the future for many - and the whole antenna industry will change, you can bet that cable companies and satellite companies will start buying into antennas companies for profit - oh that's right, they do! Cable and satellite are here to stay, but so are those who are frugal and keen.

chumster 19-Sep-2010 8:26 PM

If all the networks offer a decent subchannel more people would drop pay service. RTV and pbs CREATE are two examples of good free programming. It will happen sooner or later. Network tv was always better than cable shows.

serengety 7-Jan-2011 2:44 AM

OTA Rules
Is this thing still going on? Sorry guys, it isn't just a rumor. There were or are two actual measures that special interest groups were trying to get passed that would essentually accomplish just that. Look it up on Bing or Google. The very first thing I did when I heard about it was to e-mail my senators in Washington D.C. and tell them if they did not oppose these measures, they could kiss my vote goodbye. I didn't include this in my e-mails, but if they don't oppose them, they can kiss something else of mine too. I have sat at more friends houses than you would believe, with a television remote in my hand, going through their cable or satalite channels, announcing "Crap, crap, crap...." with each push of the button, because that was exactly what was on each channel. And you folks out there in subscription TV land expect me to PAY for this drek? You all must be nuts.

chumster 25-Jan-2011 12:27 AM

I dont think OTA will go anywhere. There are people cutting the cord every day not to mention many seniors/low income people depend on it for school closings, weather warnings, etc. What I would like to see is smaller broadcast channels like ION and CW to gain access to each market. I cant get them, but with more people moving to free service that should change.....maybe more networks will pop up.

scott784 12-Feb-2011 5:32 PM

I am pleased that someone started this thread. As it has been suggested, we should all write our congressmen and senators about this important topic. Make no mistake about it, Washington is broke and there is money in selling off broadcast spectrum to the highest bidder!

We've already seen it happen with UHF channels 70-83 and now with UHF channels 52-69 (in the last few years). The truth is, the FCC does not need to sell off more broadcast spectrum for broadband media. However, as the other posters have described, there is money in it.

Unfortunately, the majoirity of Americans know nothing about this issue. In fact, I would say it's probably never occurred to the majority of citizens that they can enjoy HDTV with an OTA antenna.

Yes, we all 'do' need to write our congressmen and senators about this. I, for one, am going to be very upset if these special interest groups get their way. Broadcast television has been a tradition in this country since the advent of television. Yet, these special interest groups would like nothing better than to see it eliminated entirely for their own selfish agenda.

If you don't voice your concerns, you cannot be counted. I would encourage others to e-mail their representatives in government. Some may think things will never change but I wouldn't bank on that.

suzanrush 17-Feb-2011 4:19 PM

TV Fool Resource Doesn't Work
This TV Fool thing doesn't work. I punched in my data and not only is it difficult to decipher, it's not accurate. You see, I've been getting the free antenna tv since the switch 3 years ago. And it wasn't reliable then, either.

Finally folks, if anybody is reading this, TV is now simple and easy. Just get the best amplified antenna (available only online) and a rotor, and a converter box and BINGO - you've got it. Simple, easy, and free. We've been listening to the lying commercials and advertisers for too long. Remember, their job is to sell stuff - most of which you don't even need to live a quality life.

Just mount this particular antenna up on your roof as high as possible and you'll be amazed. Guaranteed. There's no question as it works just like radio. You don't pay for radio, do you? The same rule applies to purchasing an indoor antenna, for those who rent, get the best, not the one's available in stores by unheardof names. If you want the best, you've got to get the best. Trust me, all antennas are not created equally. And even if you are renting, I'd still use an outdoor antenna mounted outside your unit either on a balcony or outside a window - the results will be much much better. Antenna's don't need anything in-between the signal and the antenna. Understand? The objective is to get a clear line-of-sight with no obstructions.

suzanrush 17-Feb-2011 4:23 PM

I've heard that the big babies/mega media giants are behind this and have contacted my senator for whatever it's worth. This smacks of their resentment in being mandated by the government to upgrade their equipment to digital.

Notice how many more commercials and advertisements there are now, since the switch to digital? They are trying to boost their station profits to compensate for their "big" outlay to upgrade from analog. Greedy, no good, _____holes!

itproman 19-Feb-2011 1:51 PM

Actually,it could be more to do with the fact that it's being forced upon them and us and,as one broadcaster said who has tried to fight as a useless expense,with less than 6 % of the population using antennas(hopefully with rising prices and people finding out they can get uncompressed HDTV OTA that'll change.),it's a losing upgrade for them1

suzanrush 19-Feb-2011 11:20 PM

How Can We Let the Others Know ...
'about this new free tv? That's the big question. No one knows but us lucky few who happen to know about radiowaves, wire, ota ...

Everyone's been deceived by the government and corporate media. They only gave them the tiniest piece of "information," and expected them to figure out the rest on their own. They told people who were paying, to just keep on paying, that the switch didn't effect them. Liars.!!

So, if no one knows but us few, how or why would viewers contact their senators?

This free DTV is spectacular, quite frankly it's the best thing to happen in the world of television since the introduction of color tv. The others have the right to know that they have a free option. And, it's so easy to get and set-up. All one needs is the best darned amplified antenna and rest is simple, as tv was meant to be. That's the best part in my opinion. TV has now been simplified.

scott784 20-Feb-2011 7:41 PM

That's a very good question. How can me help others find out? I would be more than happy to participate if someone knows that answer.

I know from my own experience that I paid for tv cable for many years. It's just one of those expenses you felt you had to pay if you wanted television. I knew from being a kid (back in the 70's that OTA worked). However, like so many others, I never knew how well it could function in the modern digital age, until very recently. After 30 years of cable, I am now back to watching OTA broadcasting and very happy with it.

We all know the cable companies started out charging people very reasonable rates (relative to their wages) many years ago. I think the whole idea was to get people hooked on cable. Then once that happened, the antennas came down and life went on. Now, of course, we all know the cost of cable (and particularly HD cable) has sky rocketed.

Like others, I think it's important that there is greater awareness of this benefit. Yes, people know that OTA tv exists in the same manner as we receive radio stations. However, I think so many in the viewing population have no idea, just how well it can work, especially if they invest in a higher end quality antenna.

I think, at a minimum, people on this site can contact the FCC and let them know we want the over the air broadcast spectum to continue without any changes. I have no belief that anything would change in the short term. However, there are lobbyists in Washington who would like nothing better than to see cable and/or satelite rammed down ALL of our throats. In a worst case scenario, the RF frequencies could be taken back by the government or alternatively, the stations could be forced to downgrade their signal power to the point that the ability to pick up the stations could become very difficult. I am not predicting this, but noone knows the future.

At the end of the day, it's all about money for big business and bending a sympathetic ear in Washington as many of them practice. On top of that, special interest groups want to minimize the importance of over the air broadcasting by claiming that's it's only a small minority of citizens who would be affected, if the broadcast spectrum in this country were ever removed or further downgraded.

They can play the statistics anyway they want. However, whatever the numbers, we know there is a growing trend in the general population who are now rediscovering over the air broadcast television. But again, the question remains how can we help others develop greater awareness of OTA? It is a good question.

Anyone can reach the FCC at and share their comments.

suzanrush 21-Feb-2011 8:55 PM

About Free antenna tv ending ...
Scott 784,
Thank you for the reply/feedback. I agree with your viewpoint. I'm so disgusted by our government (the FCC) for colluding with those greedy mega media giants. Especially, the biggest liars of them all - COMCAST!

FrankenBean 20-Mar-2011 12:52 PM

How could they really prevent this? I mean if it's in the air, how can they really prevent people from pulling in the feed?

Asides from governing and policing it more strictly, I don't foresee how they could really stop this.

suzanrush 20-Mar-2011 2:26 PM

Free Antenna tv not going away, just PBS
Sorry about that previous blanket statement about "free tv going away" ... I misspoke. What I meant to speak about was the free PBS channels going away because most of their funding comes from the federal government. And with them looking to make budget cuts, this is seen as an unnecessary expense.

Unfortunately, the PBS channels I receive amount to nearly half of what I can pick-up over-the-air (ota) for free. That's a serious dent in my viewing pleasure and as far as I'm concerned, it's the only tv that's worth watching. It's intelligent, unbiased, historical and factual, great knowledge base, + all that and commercial/advertisement free - - - free of lies. And in my opinion, there's no better television on the planet. I can receive 9 channels of wonderful ad-free PBS - that's alot of quality tv.

If they cancel anything it should be the other lie-filled garbage channels. All commercials are essentially lies designed to get in your pocket, most of which are empty these days ... depressed economy and all.

Wow, sorry about that long-winded rant. But then again, no one's listening anyhow. Look how long it took to get a reply to my previous message.

suzanrush 20-Mar-2011 2:41 PM

This is the million dollar question. How to let the others know? I keep thinking about the origin of why this new free antenna hd/dtv is secret. The FCC and the Dept. of Commerce (NTIA, converter box coupon program) knew that Comcast was intentionally and purposefully running a major misinformation campaign and yet they stood by and did nothing to rectify their scheme.

They (our crooked government) definitely had knowledge of their commercial advertisement which they slickly disguised as a PSA. That, in itself, spoke volumes loud and clear. Their intent was to keep this transition secret. They knew it would be the end of their industry as we know it today, if word got out about this new digital signal.
The pay-tv industry was encouraged by our own government to deceive us, the American people. The government doesn't represent us, we the people, they represent big business, corporate america. Liars and thieves like Comcast ...

But again, the question remains how can we help others develop greater awareness of OTA? It is a good question. The million dollar question.

mtownsend 20-Mar-2011 5:53 PM


how can we help others develop greater awareness of OTA?
National Install an Antenna Day?

OTA gift baskets?

"I Need My Free TV" pop song and ring tone?

Coolest OTA setup and Christmas lights show contest?

Cute animals singing, dancing, and installing antennas video?

I'm sure OTA porn would work, but the FCC would have something to say about that.

The Apple iOTA version 3?

"Harry Potter and the Oracle in the Airwaves"?

Jim Carrey in "The Cable Guy", oh..., wait..., that's been done.

Going wireless- Use your smartphone as a personal DVR on the go!

scott784 22-Mar-2011 1:22 AM

I like the humor of the moderator. Those suggestions sound great to me!

As for FrankenBean, the government is free to do what they want. They control the RF frequencies from which broadcasters send their signal, the location of the towers, the height of those towers, the signal strength going out from each location, etc, etc.

The broadcast spectrum was allocated over a half a century ago to local affiliates around the country and continues to be governed by the FCC. In the same way that our federal government allocated those signals and licenses, they can also recall them if they so choose. So yes, it can go away. But who knows if/when that may happen.

Keep in mind, over the air broadcasting only refers to signals sent over the 'ground' such as PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, MyN, CW, Uni, Ion and some independent stations in each local area. (Have I left any out?) Since these local OTA stations are also fed via satellite now days for rebroadcasting through the cable or satellite companies, theoretically, these OTA 'ground' signals could go away in the future. Hopefully not because it would mean pay tv for everyone.

I think most people on this forum are perfectly happy with the status quo....if it can be maintained! Back to the moderator's suggestions, we need to find a way to get those antenna parties started :)

suzanrush 23-Mar-2011 2:34 PM

Chumster, can't get The CW or ION?
I dont think OTA will go anywhere. There are people cutting the cord every day not to mention many seniors/low income people depend on it for school closings, weather warnings, etc.

Good, I hope you are right! I'm looking forward to the day when no one pays for cable or satellite tv. Cable is out and free ota hd/dtv is in! Someone said it's only 6% across the nation watching the free tv. Surely, the number is not that low. Free tv is so much better than anything you pay for.

What I would like to see is smaller broadcast channels like ION and CW to gain access to each market. I cant get them, but with more people moving to free service that should change.....maybe more networks will pop up.

What antenna are you using and is it mounted as high as you can get it? More importantly, does it have a high range? For instance, my Winegard SquareShooter is amplified w/ a range of 50 mile radius, plus I'm able to rotate it. When we live far away from tv(rf) signal towers, not just any old antenna will do. The magic all starts with the antenna. Antenna choice is key and it's frustrating that no one is talking about this, looking to find the channels first and then purchase the antenna based on this unreliable information. [/COLOR]This is such an idiotic backwards approach and it needs to stop.

There's no reason why you can't get ALL the over-the-air (ota) channels available in the sky as long as you have a great powerful antenna. When you want the best results, you've got to get the best. It's real simple.

These so-called IT/Techno Gurus are talking over everyone's heads, showing off. But it needs to be broken down in simpler terms so that everyone can get it.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. (Albert Einstein)

suzanrush 23-Mar-2011 2:40 PM

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. (Albert Einstein)

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