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TDiddy 26-Dec-2014 4:04 AM

Amplifier cutting out/signal loss
Hi gang... My first post. I am hoping someone can help me.

I have a Clearstream 2 antenna. I was running a Channel Master cm0747 to boost the signal (something the installer gave me). It worked brilliantly for the first year, but then failed.

I tried using a few other boosters, but none gave me the same quality and pulled in the same amount of channels as the cm0747.

I did find a replacement cm 0747, and it worked well for a few weeks and then stopped working. I then tried the apa1260315surh power supply, and that worked brilliantly.

But it too is cutting out on a regular basis, for hours or days at a time. But it will start working again randomly.

Anyone have any idea what is happening here? When it works, I get 40 plus channels. When it fails, I get 3.

The antenna is mounted on the chimney, and I have about 65 feet of cable. I have it split 3 ways after the power supply. Thanks!

ADTech 26-Dec-2014 3:22 PM

The CM0747 is not an amplifier, it's a power supply for use with certain Channel Master preamplifiers including the discontinued CM 7777 & CM7778 models. The CM0747 cannot be used by itself, it must be used with a compatible masthead amplifier.

ADTech 26-Dec-2014 3:23 PM

For assistance, please post in the "Help with reception" area. Include the requested information that's identified in the "Sticky" posts.

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