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Unwired17 28-Aug-2010 9:30 PM

Antenna Recommendation for 29708
I am in the process of trying to extricate myself from cable TV. Since we mostly watch network TV I want to pursue OTA and complement with Internet TV. Based on the TVFool map for my address most of the stations are UHF stations within 25 miles. My TVFool report can be found at the following:

I have several concerns.
1). Due to HOA restrictions I need to either use an indoor antenna or mount in the attic. I have plenty of space in the attic and I don't have foil insulation or any special roofing material. Roof is typical plywood with asphalt shingles.

2). The Charlotte, NC area has most of the stations and they are mostly located around 330 degrees. But there are some desirable stations located in other nearby towns in the 25 to 50 degree range.

3). One of the desirable stations (WTVI-DT) is a VHF station (Channel 11).

4). My lot has many large trees that extend above my second story roofline.

I think all of the above means I need to use a rotor and need to be able to handle UHF as well as VHF stations. But which antenna best suits the situation for an attic install is not clear.

I would appreciate any and all recommendations as this cable bill is killing me and I can't afford to try a bunch of different products.

John Candle 28-Aug-2010 9:53 PM

Tv reception
Read and UNDERSTAND this first. What it says is Yes you can put a Tv antenna and other antennas on the roof up to 12 feet above the highest point of the roof line. This FCC Government regulation has , get this , has been in effect since 1996 !! HOA's are well aware of this , but still try and _________________________________________.

Unwired17 29-Aug-2010 12:59 PM

That is interesting and something I will bring up with the HOA. But my experience with the HOA in my neighborhood is that they dig in their heels regardless of the evidence and then put you in a position of having to file some type of legal challenge before they eventually back down.

I'm sure I could just mount it on the roof, have the Architectural Review Committee fine me and then refuse to pay and start a major battle with the HOA. Even if I went this route I would still like a recommendation on an antenna.

So while it may be that I prevail, I would still like to know what my best options would be for an indoor or in-attic installation as at this time as I don't have the money to hire a lawyer and it isn't likely to get resolved soon.

John Candle 29-Aug-2010 8:33 PM

Tv reception
The signals are strong at your location , try a indoor antenna.

Dave Loudin 30-Aug-2010 10:29 AM

Yes, you should try a Terk HDTVi (no amp) first, before you try the external route.

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