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john till 3-Jul-2013 7:05 PM

CFPL-DT London not yet in database
tvfool database currently does not have
CFPL-DT ch.10 London, Ontario.
Now owned by the CTV network and known as CTV-2
no longer transmits on analog 10
Thanks. btw tvfool is a great site!

mtownsend 12-Jul-2013 1:02 PM

CFPL-DT is still showing a status code of "AU" (authorized) in the Industry Canada database. The regulator has not updated them to "OP" (operational) status yet.

We do process "AU" records as "pending" transmitters in our tools. If you want to know what kind of signal you might be getting on channel 10, look for the "pending" option in any of the tools. This is like a preview of things to come, but with the caveat that some pending records may be modified or cancelled before they get the final seal of approval from the regulators.

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