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chasfain 27-Aug-2017 9:59 PM

Need Antenna Suggestion for Mountain Cabin
I would like to install an antenna at a mountain cabin. I only hope to get one, two or possible three channels. The problem is trees in all directions and the only options seem to be VHF stations.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have used your site and forums for many years and truly appreciate the wealth of knowledge here.

Following is my signal analysis:

This cabin is located in Spivy, TN. 37657. Near Johnson City, TN.

Thanks Charles

JoeAZ 28-Aug-2017 6:54 PM

No really good options for you....
How close are those trees to your cabin???
That may determine whether there is any
point in even trying for OTA television.

chasfain 28-Aug-2017 7:45 PM

The trees are close maybe 40 feet.

chasfain 28-Aug-2017 7:48 PM

Thanks for your reply.

I was afraid that was going to be the answer.

ADTech 28-Aug-2017 8:33 PM

Your chances of getting one or both of the two VHF stations out of Bristol are fairly decent with the right equipment as long as 1) the simulation is reasonably close to reality and 2) local electrical noise doesn't bite you in the backside. One thing that should be remembered is that low-VHF does have a distinct advantage in very mountainous areas (it bends more readily over terrain) and that trees and foliage do not affect it very much. High-VHF is not as advantageous in these cases but still far better than are UHF signals.

Since no one makes or sells VHF-only antennas anymore, your best bet would be to try a large combo antenna and just leave the UHF section in the box as a proof-of concept test.

If you can get an RCA ANT3038, it would probably do about as well as any other combo for testing. Buy from somewhere with a generous return policy, just in case.

chasfain 28-Aug-2017 9:19 PM

Thanks for the info. I'll look into the ANT3038 and see what my friends who own the cabin say.

JoeAZ 28-Aug-2017 10:18 PM

I've been testing an FM antenna for use with Rf 6 for the past few weeks.
So far, it has worked very, very well even though there are two 58 kw
FM stations on the same mountain top as the 500 watt TV translator. You
might consider an FM antenna for your NBC on Rf 5, WCYB. For your CBS
on Rf 11, WJHL, you might consider a high VHF antenna. MCM Electronics
has the 30-2460 FM antenna and the 30-2475 Hi VHF antenna. Both are
fairly small, light and inexpensive. The other option would be to go
as AD Tech suggests, one large combo antenna. You can get an RCA
branded combo antenna from Walmart for less than $70.00 including
shipping......and it includes the mast!

rickbb 29-Aug-2017 1:36 PM


Originally Posted by chasfain (Post 58757)
Thanks for the info. I'll look into the ANT3038 and see what my friends who own the cabin say.

I was going to ask about options like topping out a tree and using it as a tower to mount from or putting an retransmitting antenna setup on top of the hill to send the signals down to the cabin, but since you don't own the property that may be out of the question.

chasfain 29-Aug-2017 4:41 PM

Thanks for the info. That gives me some options I can look into.

That could solve a lot of problems but I doubt the owners want to top any of their trees.


Billiam 30-Aug-2017 12:31 AM

Can you hire someone to install a antenna on top of one of the trees? It can be done.

When I was in High School I had someone install a large V-185 Radio Shack antenna on top of a 50 foot maple tree in my yard. Pointed it towards Boston and I was able to pick up all the VHF channels in Boston and Providence in a suburb 15 miles NW of Hartford. No pre amp.

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