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GroundUrMast 26-Jul-2013 12:53 AM

Google Earth Coverage Maps - Torrent Tracker
I'm trying to download and share several *.kmz files from the Google Earth Coverage Maps page. It appears that the torrent tracker is down or is set to restrict access.

For more than 24 Hrs my Deluge client is reporting Tracker Status: Error: Connection refused

Other trackers are responding normally for other unrelated torrents.


mtownsend 26-Jul-2013 1:38 AM

Thanks for the heads up!

The torrent tracker was crashed for some reason, but been restarted now. We'll need to investigate the root cause of the crash, but for now, things seem to be back in operation.

GroundUrMast 26-Jul-2013 1:57 AM

Thanks... I see the torrents active now. I'll add a few more to my server to improve the availability of the maps.

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