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Summers2Go 22-Sep-2010 7:32 PM

Help! Need Help W/ Antenna Selection
I am new to this forum and as a novice looking for advice regarding best antenna to purchase. My location report is listed below. Any help will be appreciated as I only know enough to be dangerous. . . . but would like to be able to use antenna as a single mom of three just to cut costs.

Please let me know if I have done this correctly regarding thread.

Take Care

John Candle 22-Sep-2010 8:23 PM

Tv Reception
Looks great , the Tv signals are strong. Some questions first , do you live in a house , condo , townhome , apt. , mobile home , motor home. Basement , first floor , second floor , third floor, etc. . Tell us about the housing situtation and Directions of patios , balcony , and etc. . The Tv Transmitters are to the South and the South East. . How many Tv's will be connected? Digital Tv or Tv's. Analog Tv/Tv's With a digital to analog converter box. This is all common questions.

Summers2Go 22-Sep-2010 10:42 PM

Hi John:
We live in old two story farmhouse, main living as kitchen, living room on first floor, bedrooms on second floor. Front of house faces north, back porch, kitchen area faces south. Would like to place tv in living room on main floor which is on south side of house but would consider upstairs in a sitting room if better (?) I would like to hook up two tvs if possible. Have had this tv for awhile and dug up owners manual which indicates:

"SANYO TVs with model numbers starting with prefix HT, DP or FVM have combination Integrated Analog and Digital QAM tuners that will continue to receive digital broadcast off-air television transmitted signals after February 19, 2009. All other previous SANYO analog only models will work after this date only if they are hooked up to a cable, satellite or digital set top receiver convertor box." My model is DS25390 so it appears I will need a converter box also.

Thanks Again!

John Candle 22-Sep-2010 11:44 PM

Tv Reception
Old farm house , wood frame / wood siding , very good. Living room south side of house is the best place. As a test of Digital Tv Reception , I suggest one of these indoor antennas . Try to get the antenna up and away from electronic and electrical devices, do not bury it in with the VCR , DVD player , Tv , Converter box , Stereo , Video Games box , move the antenna away from these interference causing devices. The antenna will receive broadcast Tv better when the antenna is in the clear. Do Not bury the Digital to Analog converter box. If you do not have a digital to analog converter box. A very good digital to analog converter box is the Channel Master CM-7000 ,or CM7000PAL , , . . Extend the rods of the antenna out and have the rods of the antenna more or less horizontal to a 'V' patteren and rods broad side to the Tv transmitters at about 140 magnetic compass reading. Thats in between channels 13 and 20 of the current database. Also read this about Real Digital Tv Channel and Virtual Digital Tv Channels , If you do not have a Digital to Analog Converter Box , you can also go Target or Walmart get a converter box to test with. The Tv transmissions are strong at your location , the indoor antennas should work fine.

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