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middleofnowhere 19-Jan-2020 11:38 PM

Certificate expired for channel locator
Appears someone didn't renew the site certificate as of 1/6/2020, the locator tool doesn't work on any modern browser I've tried.

Dallas_Antenna 22-Jan-2020 9:24 PM

I can't believe its still down. Does the admin/owner of this page not keep it up anymore? With all the ads i see i would assume its paying for itself.

kennylive 29-Jan-2020 10:05 PM

Someone is maintaining it, but just barely. It's not unusual for it to be down for days at a time, and it doesn't look like any of the channel reallocation data has been put in.

kennylive 29-Jan-2020 10:12 PM

The calendar ends with 2012.

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