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markieb 27-Aug-2017 4:02 PM

Please Help Recommend Setup
Hello and thanks for helping. I live in North Port, FL. here is my TV Signal Analysis Results
I would like to get the channels to the north at the 358Az and the channels to the Southeast 122-127Az I am looking at mounting on a pole above the roof feeding 4 TVs. What antenna should I get and what amp do you suggest my previous house in a different city I had a Winegard HD7697P Antenna and a Winegard HDP269 Signal Amplifier I was very happy with both, but these same stations were only about 20 degrees away from being 180 degrees opposite, now they will be about 50 degrees away from opposite, so I guess it can't be very directional, but hey, you guys are the experts and this is why I am asking!!

Thanks again for any help that you give

JoeAZ 27-Aug-2017 6:19 PM


No one antenna is likely to work well is your situation.
For your signals to the S.E., I'd recommend a 4 bay
UHF antenna since all your signals are UHF and are
likely to remain that way. MCM Electronics carries
a 4 Bay for less than$30.00 Antenna Direct also
carries similar antennas. For your stations to the
North, I'd suggest either a Winegard 7694p or better,
Winegard 7698p. Tampa has VHF signals and that
will likely continue. Depending on who you ask,
you'll get really different suggestions on how to
get all those signals to your televisions. I prefer
an A/B switch with two cables running from your
antennas to two distribution amplifiers. It
reduces the chance of other problems. It may
also require a separate tuner for your televisions.
Some sets tuners allow you to add channels
making a separate tuner unnecessary.

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