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f308gt4 28-Jan-2011 4:50 PM

Antenna Help Needed - Orange County California

I need some help choosing an antenna. Because I live in an association, I would like a small/discreet antenna. I am planning on installing on the roof, near my satellite dish (or possibly on the dish mount after I cancel dish service).

My signal results are here:

It appears that there are multiple stations available at an azimuth direction of 325 degrees (magnetic). The distance for most of them is less than 40 miles.

I am wondering if the following antennas might work in my location:

Or possibly:

Any other suggestions?


John Candle 28-Jan-2011 10:24 PM

Tv Antennas and Reception
Here is the Truth that the home owners association does not want you to know. . This ALL Encompassing Federal Law Says YES you can install and use a Tv antenna and other types of antennas. The Federal Law has been in effect since 1996. I will not help you Bow Down for Crazy People that Hate Tv Antennas and other antennas and seek to force their crazyness on others.

GroundUrMast 28-Jan-2011 10:28 PM

The Winegard FV-HD30 should do well for you if it is not blocked by the roof as you aim it toward the NW. Even if it's blocked, try it where it's most convenient for you to mount it first.

The Clear Stream is a good antenna, but not designed to cover all the channels available to you.

f308gt4 29-Jan-2011 1:23 AM

Thanks for the info.

Yes, I understand about the law, however if one of these discreet antennas will do the job, then what's wrong with it?

Why isn't the clearstream not designed to get all of the channels? According to their website, it will pick up UHF and High VHF. The Winegard also picks up UHF and High VHF, I believe.

The Winegard is alot cheaper, which has that going for it over the clearstream. However, I can pick up the clearstream one locally at FRY's instead of having to order via the internet.

If the Winegard works better, I will go that route. If they are about the same, the convenience of picking it up locally may give a slight edge to the clearstream.

Thanks for your help!

GroundUrMast 29-Jan-2011 2:22 AM

According to Antennas Direct: I believe the CS-2 is cut for the UHF band only. The CS-5 is more of a dual band antenna but it's more antenna than needed in your situation.

A couple of alternative antennas come to mind, the RCA ANT-751 and the Antennacraft HBU-22. Both are larger than the FV-HD30 though. They are very clearly designed to cover VHF 7 - 13 and all the UHF channels.

f308gt4 31-Jan-2011 3:29 PM

Thanks GroundUrMast. I looked at the alternatives you suggested and decided that RCA ANT-751 would meet my needs better than the other ones I was looking at. Ordered one on Amazon, so should have it in a few days.

Thanks for your help!

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