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teleview 16-Mar-2010 11:57 PM

Indoor/inside , analog/digital television antennas
ATL. . . Here alevision antennas. Plerference and outdoor inteonic devices , flhts , dimmer controls , local Fs and etc. , can overfier in induse of bad or no television reception of digital television channels. . . Alson transmitters tnd be the cause of bad reception. Please notevision antenna Works Better For This Reason. As of 06ommend. Philips[/URL] . . . And at http://w-antenna . TheelMStore/HDTV-Antennas-/_i.html?_fsub=393l-Store/HDTV-Antennas-/_i.html?_fsub=393277919[/URL] , , Terk rchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2417940"]http://www.tigerdi0[/URL].

SWHouston 5-Sep-2010 5:42 PM

Terk: The name of an Electronics Equipment Manufacturer, division of Audoivox Corp.
Terk: (abriv) Terkina, the name of a female Gorilla.
TeRK: A Robotics Manufacturer.
Terk: An Audio/Video Entertainment Service.

Itís a noun, doesnít really have a definition.

cobot 16-Mar-2011 2:28 AM

Updates to best indoor antenna (Canada)?

New to the forum, so sorry if I should be creating a new thread opposed to replying to this older one, but it fits the bill.

teleview, you mentioned 3 indoor antennas to buy in Canada. Do you have any updates as to any other models that I should be interested in?

My situation is this: I'm eventually planning to buy an antenna for my attic and feed the cable down the available pipe to the basement to get OTA to my TV down there. However, I have no experience in feeding cables to my main floor in the future, so for now I was planning on buying a smaller indoor antenna for my main floor.

The antenna would be right beside the window, facing South, with no obstructions inside/outside, and only 4-5ft away from the TV itself, location is Ottawa, Canada.

Just looking for advice on the a few of the best indoor antennas so I can shop around.

Thanks guys, and let me know if I need more information.

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