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splinterdawg 3-Apr-2015 10:06 PM

Help with outdoor TV antenna
I am new to the site, and don't know much about antennas, but I need to get rid of Dish. Here is my TVFool report:

We have a lot of Ponderosa Pine trees in our area (Monument, Colorado), so I am wondering if I will still be able to get any reception. The TVfool report indicates that I should be able to receive some channels, but I don't know if it takes into account the vegetation/trees in the area.

Reading some of the comments on the forum, it looks like a directional antenna is best, but I don't know which one will get me the best reception.

Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

ADTech 3-Apr-2015 10:16 PM

Do you have (or can achieve) a tree-free signal path to wither Lookout or Cheyenne Mtn?

Tree's are wild cards, usually bad ones. But, sometimes they don't affect signals enough to be an issue. Forewarned is forearmed

splinterdawg 3-Apr-2015 10:27 PM

I don't think there is a real clear path that is tree-free, but there are some openings in the trees near the house. The trees are Ponderosa Pines so the leaf density is somewhat open.

Is there some way to do a test to see if a signal can be picked up? Or do I just buy an antenna and give it a shot?

Also, which antenna is best? I see people on the forums using a Winegard directional and some use Bowtie antenna. Not sure which would work better in my situation. Any ideas?

Thanks for the reply.

ADTech 4-Apr-2015 1:00 PM

Because both target markets include one or more VHF channels, I'd suggest getting a modest high-VHF/UHF combo antenna like our C2V and testing reception from both directions to see what might be received.

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