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mmbridges 13-Nov-2014 6:25 PM

Mast Pre-Amplifier Powering Options
Hi folks,

I am looking to buy a mast mounted pre-amp. I have the option of using a power injector which I believe sends DC voltage up to the mast mounted pre-amp through the same coax cable that the TV signal uses. The other option is to run a separate outdoor rated low voltage power cable up to the pre-amp.

What are the pros and cons of each option?

I am particularly interested in whether running power through the coax will have any degrading effects on my signal.


ADTech 13-Nov-2014 7:26 PM

All preamps use the power inserter unless you've got some oddball amp you're looking at.

mmbridges 13-Nov-2014 7:59 PM


Originally Posted by ADTech (Post 47787)
All preamps use the power inserter unless you've got some oddball amp you're looking at.

Hi ADTech,

Thanks for the quick reply. The Kitztech KT-200 comes in two versions. See

One has a separate DC input plug for the AC/DC adapter which would sit in the house and therefore not use the coax power inserter. The other is mast mounted and uses the power inserter. Other than that difference the preamp itself seems to be the same. I saw where one person mounted the version with the separate DC plug up at the mast and just ran a properly rated low voltage DC power cable up to the unit.

I was trying to figure out if there was an advantage to using the unit with a separate DC plug mounted at the mast. I was concerned about ground loops or other interference that might be introduced by sharing the coax with TV signal and DC power when using the coax power inserter version.

I have a ground block at the base of my antenna pole which goes straight into a ground rod. If I use the power inserter I assume my ground stake is tied to the coax braiding and consequently to the negative DC reference of the AC/DC adapter (wall wart). Wasn't sure if this would cause a round loop and suboptimal performance.

Hope that provides some additional clarification.


ADTech 13-Nov-2014 9:35 PM

The KT-200 is one of the "oddballs" I referred to. He sells in in both versions, the one without the power inserter so he can sell it for a bit less.

The ground block is not a concern.

mmbridges 13-Nov-2014 10:54 PM

Yeah, just got word back from Kitztech and they indicated that the negative DC line was isolated from the house wiring and like you said, indicated no problems with ground block or signal degradation.


ADTech 14-Nov-2014 12:03 AM

Don't forget, you also have to provide your own weatherproof housing with his amps. All that adds up to the customer's total cost but allows the seller to keep his selling price a bit lower.

mmbridges 14-Nov-2014 12:10 AM

Yep, I already got some enclosure ideas from searching the web. The OTA setup I am working on is in a fringe area and I need every bit of NM that I can get so the .4dB noise factor for the KT-200 seems my best option.

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