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No static at all 7-Jan-2013 4:35 PM

Channel 7 Woes
Hello all, I am trying to help a friend with a problematic channel 7. Whatever is causing the issue is very strong & seems to be a direct co-channel issue. It is an intermittent issue as seen in this video clip. I'm certain it is something inside the house as once we stretch a cable outside the house about 100 feet into the front yard, channel 7 is good. Just not sure what could be strong enough to interfere with such a strong RF 7 inside that house. RF channels 8, 9 11,12 & 13 are not affected at all, so this has me stumped. Tried trapping UHF & FM but makes no difference at all.
Any ideas, thanks!!

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Stereocraig 7-Jan-2013 4:47 PM

A wild guess, would be an antenna tine, or something else blowing in the wind.

No static at all 7-Jan-2013 4:50 PM

Thx Sterocraig, I brought over my Winegard 7694 & hooked directly to another TV. Once well out into the front yard, channel 7 becomes stable.

teleview 7-Jan-2013 5:46 PM

The first situation that comes to mind is multipath.


The next situations are interference isuses.

Unplug , disconnect , switch off , every thing in the house One At A Time to see if something is generating interference.

The first suspects are , floresent lights of all types and kinds , computers of all types and kinds , radios of all types and kinds , Unplug transformers from electrical outlets and keep on , unpluging , disconnecting , switching off every thing.

Most electronics are powered buy transformers and even if the unit is powered down to some degree it is still active and ready to power back up , so unplug it.

Even washers and dryers and stoves and do not forget the sprinkler system power. The name of the game is shut it down completely. Even some ceiling fans are powered up even when switched off. And what about those smoke detectors?

The point is , shut it down!

Switch off the circuit breakers in the circuit breaker in the circuit breaker box.

And also can switch off the Main Circuit Breaker that shuts every thing off.

And use a battery powered Tv.

And the Directional HD7694P antenna can be used as a interference finder with a loooooong coax so as to move the antenna around and point the antenna all around to find a interference source , and even the neighbors house can be investegated to some degree from the outside using the antenna as a interference finder.

And I even found the the Tv its self was generating its own interference.

ADTech 7-Jan-2013 5:52 PM

Might be something electronic in the house - computer, a power brick, florescent light, dimmer, etc.

Turn off all unneeded breakers (or remove the fuse) to see if it's due to interference generated by something in the house.

Might be multi-path which, on VHF, may require a much greater difference in location to clear.

Stereocraig 7-Jan-2013 8:10 PM

Sorry, I missed the part about the original antenna being inside.
Problem solved.

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