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greggor 4-Sep-2014 2:51 AM

Help me choose an Antenna east of Kalamazoo MI
I would like some help to choose the right antenna(s) based on my location in Comstock TWP east of Kalamazoo.

I live in a 2 story vinyl sided home with no obstructions in any direction. My inclination is to install the antenna on the back of my home mounted outside on the roof of a first story covered porch (25' tall). This installation would block the eastern stations. There is a previously installed Direct TV dish that I hoped to just use the coax cables already there. I would be looking to receive the Kalamazoo stations (approx. 160 degree) and Grand Rapids stations (Approx. 355 Degree). I could mount higher on the peak of the roof (40') if there is a good reason to go that route, in this case I could try to get signals to the east (76 degrees).
Looking for help in deciding if one antenna and rotor or 2 antennas (one pointed to each location) be the best option (or needed) what brand/model is recommended. I would like to run the signal to a splitter to connect 4 TV’s with probably 50' of coax before the splitter. So I am also interested in whether I will need an amplifier and where to install it (at the antenna or before the splitter (the latter I would guess).

Here are two reports first is 25 foot antenna the second with a 40 foot antenna height

Thanks for your help

GroundUrMast 4-Sep-2014 7:03 PM

One antenna pointed north should give you a fairly complete line-up of the major networks, one exception being PBS which may need a dedicated antenna pointed west.

I'd take advantage of the roof height and mount a Winegard HD7694P pointing toward the north. I'd also want PBS so I'd point an Antennacraft Y526 toward the west. Use a HLSJ (High Low Signal Joiner) to combine the two antennas.

I would try the installation with no amplifier. If the need for one is proven, a CM-3410 can be inserted at any convenient point between the HLSJ and passive splitter.

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