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Kool-Aid 20-Sep-2019 1:51 AM

WMOW Crandon, WI
I'm hoping someone can help with the problem relating to this station. WMOW (satellite of WAOW Wausau) does not show anywhere when searching a location by address. The only place it is visible is when searching by callsign; however, this is even a problem. When searching by call sign, the map is positioned in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (off the coast of Africa) and you need to manually move the map to northern Wisconsin.

Thank you in advance to whomever reviews this problem.

ADTech 20-Sep-2019 3:20 AM

Yet another example of the defective database. It's been a wreck for a couple of years now as the site's owner hasn't paid any attention to the site.

Any location that shows up off the coast of west Africa is missing it's longitude and latitude coordinates which then defaults to 0, 0 when Google tries to look up its location.

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