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roadking00 19-Aug-2014 8:27 PM

About to cut off the DTV to start with
but switching to a no contract TWC for now with just the basic channels (no boxes) and high speed internet. I'm in the process of slowly cutting ALL cords but for right now working on dropping our bill and weening the wife off of the whole house dvr and eventually completely on just OTA TV via my antenna.

My biggest question, is there a DVR out there that will work with sending the basic TWC signal through it and record some local shows my wife is use to doing like news and a few other local shows? But at the same time can also be used with OTA signals when I eventually get to that point later down the road?? Not looking for a whole home DVR set up like we have with DTV right now, all I really need is 1 TV for now with recording.

Thanks in advance,

Jason l 2-May-2015 2:53 PM

I looked into this and found Channel Master has one fairly expensive. There are others but I believe there might be only two on the market you can use without a monthly fee one of them being the channel master. Hopefully someone chimes in and corrects me so I can obtain one for less than $400

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