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RealmSteel 13-Jun-2014 12:06 AM

Roof mount Antenna recommendation
We are going to try switching to OTA and need direction on what antenna to buy.
With this report, what antenna do you recommend?
Realistically, the antenna will be around 18' above the ground.
The first report below is for 18'.

This one is at 25'

We currently have 2 TV's and an occasional 3rd.
The plan is to also get some sort of DVR setup.


GroundUrMast 13-Jun-2014 6:04 AM

I'd opt for the Antennas Direct DB8E. It has two sections that can be aimed independently. In your case, this allows you to make the antenna cover a wider range of the horizon.

I'd mount outdoors, and start with one panel facing about 115 (compass) and the other panel facing about 175.

Try this with no amplifier to start with. If you are inclined to try an amplifier, perform this test first, If the test indicates an amplifier would be helpful, I'd suggest the Channel Master CM-3410.

RealmSteel 13-Jun-2014 11:46 PM

Thanks for the recommendation.

I just purchased the antenna.
When it gets here and I hook it up, I will update how it goes.

RealmSteel 29-Jun-2014 3:18 AM

I have it installed and seems to work fine.
I need to modify the mount though for better stability during storms.

How did you come up with the degrees for aiming?

GroundUrMast 30-Jun-2014 11:12 PM

I looked at your TV Fool report, saw that the bulk of the signals fell approximately within that range of azimuth.

You should always fine tune the aim to maximize reception reliability. Use the signal metering function of your tuner if it's equipped. Check all stations of interest to you to be sure that you've not made one worse while trying to make another better. It can be an exercise in compromise.

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