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GroundUrMast 20-Sep-2019 11:24 PM

Seattle Area KING-TV
It appears that KING-TV (Virt. Chans. 5.1, 5.2 & 5.3 -- Rea-CH 48) is operating at reduced power and/or on their auxiliary antenna. On 9/19/2019 I began seeing lower raw signal levels reported by my SiliconDust tuners. I have not yet contacted their engineering staff to confirm my assumptions re. the cause of lowered signal levels but this appears consistent with their ongoing preparations to vacate real channel 48 and complete the repack move to real CH 25 (which is still occupied by KZJO).

Tower Guy 20-Sep-2019 11:57 PM

Reason for temporary antenna on channel 48:

Detailed antenna information for interim antenna:

GroundUrMast 21-Sep-2019 6:16 PM

Thanks for that detailed information Tower Guy. So far, my attempts to contact KING-TV engineering staff have been unsuccessful. I'm hoping to obtain first hand info re. their repack time line.

Meanwhile, the following "Transition Plan Progress Report" dated 9/3/2019 shows where they are at in the process.

Thanks to for the link.

GroundUrMast 4-Oct-2019 11:29 PM

For those outside the Seattle market:

Several of the major network stations are advertising October 19th, 2019 as the cut date for their re-pack moves.

GroundUrMast 20-Oct-2019 12:42 AM

The majority of the Seattle market stations moving due to the repack are now up and operating on their post-repack frequencies.

The only exception that I can see as of now is KWDK which is still broadcasting on real CH-42 (No signal seen on real CH-34 yet.)

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