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Sev 11-Jan-2018 4:05 PM

Winegard HD8200U questions.
I just received a HD8200U.
It was supposed to be a HD7698P. Got to love Ebay sellers. But for 60 bucks I'll keep it. :)

It is replacing a Radioshack VU-190xr.
I believe I followed the the unfolding of the elements correctly. However being slightly dyslexic one can never be sure.

2 questions on the antenna.

Question 1.
If I unfolded them exactly opposite of the directions will I have any reception problems.
I would think not. Just want verification.

Question 2
On the reflector. 4 elements are connected to each other as a dipole. One set on each half of the reflector.
The connector is in the shape of a arrow head that points to and reaches the beam. Is that connector supposed to be touching the beam or floating?
There is no mention of it in the instructions. However the picture seems to show one connector touching and one not.
I currently have them contacting.

If anybody can clarify this it would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys.

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