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Zahry 25-Jan-2012 1:28 AM

Can I get a signal from US Virgin Island to Puerto Rico?
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Hi, I need some help, last month or more the antenna from the signals for ABC and CW were turn off for the metro area in Puerto Rico,they were move to the west side of the island(Aguadilla,PR).I did a tvfool signal analysis they don't show in the analysis (WPRU_LP -Abc/WSJP-LP CW) but the signals from stations from Virgin Islands do show (Cbs-WMNS-LP Ch.22.1;WFIG-LP ch.5 Abc and WTJX ch.44-Pbs).I know by searching in the net that i have against me 1:Distance
2:The stations are low power ones and some are analog, 3:Something about 2edge path.Any help will be appreciate Thanks.

My analisis:

Photo of my current Antenna:

Electron 25-Jan-2012 4:20 AM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
Those tv stations are deep in the gray zone with NM(dB) numbers in the negative 20's , reception will not happen. . You can enter in higher antenna heights and see if the NM(dB) numbers can be raised to positive 10 NM(dB) or better. And you will need a Big antenna , a Winegard HD8200U or a Channel Master 3671.

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