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wado66 28-Aug-2018 2:28 PM

On screen guides
I am finally receiving channels OTA.
On one of my TVs I have Rovi channel guide which no longer works.
Some of the posts I am seeing is it was discontinued a few years back.
My question is, are there TVs that exist today that will show a working/accurate channel guide for OTA?
Is there any addon equipment that I can use for a guide?

OTAFAN 28-Aug-2018 10:38 PM

Hey wado66:

Almost all TVs you can buy today will have a channel guide for OTA. After you hook up your coax cable to the TV and run a channel scan according to specified instructions, you will see a guide of what you have in your area, etc.

Unless you have an older TV (pre 2006), in which you would need a digital converter, you should be good to go with your current model.

Enjoy your free TV viewing and best to you!

rabbit73 28-Aug-2018 10:45 PM

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TitanTV has an online guide for White House OTA.

The Channel Master 7004 converter box has a guide

wado66 29-Aug-2018 1:01 AM

Unfortunately I have found a couple of TVs that do not have channel guides.
I bought a new Vizio TV and it didn't have one. So I looked around and thought I would exchange it for a Samsung. A little concerned about the guide option I asked a representative from their website about the TV. They do not offer a channel guide either.
So it looks like I will be going with something like rabbit73 recommended unless I can luck up on a TV brand that has one, in my price range.

Still pumped with the new FREE channels I am getting.

I even have the surround sound system working with it.

JoeAZ 29-Aug-2018 1:28 AM

Most LG units have not only a program guide but a signal indicator
as well. Even some low end, budget LG's are so equipped.

OTAFAN 29-Aug-2018 2:20 AM

I have 2 Samsungs, 2013 & 2017, and both have channel guides. Most of the TV's I've seen at Best Buy and other related stores have similar guides. The only ones I've seen that presently don't, are the 4Ks that cost several thousand dollars or more and are geared toward the Very High End market.

Your local market there might be different than mine here in LA/OC Socal.

I hope you can find something that works for you there.

Best as always!

Nascarken 29-Aug-2018 4:00 PM

Yes my LG has it all lol

wado66 30-Aug-2018 1:32 AM

Ok. So I went and carried the Vizio back hoping to find a TV that has a channel guide.
Talked to 2 people that worked there. One said all of their TV's have channel guides and a service counter person said none of them have channel guides anymore...…
So I went off the advise of the people here and bought the Samsung. And as usual you guys are spot on!
And the strangest part of all this is, previously I had 57 channels. Well, I scanned with the Samsung and now have 64.
Go figure.

OTAFAN 30-Aug-2018 8:04 AM

So, you finally hit pay dirt, wado66! Fantastic!

I'm just taking a guess, but those sales reps and Samsung Tech you spoke with may not have been clear about what you were really asking about. I'm thinking they thought you meant a dedicated channel guide imbedded within the software of the TV, much like you get when you have cable or satellite receiver/box.

I could be wrong about this since I'm not a TV Tech or anything near that like rabbit73, JoeAZ, AdTech, and others too numerous to mention on this site; but I think most TVs as mentioned on this thread obviously can channel scan and download a TV guide from the various towers in ones local. So, the guide comes from each station and your TV displays it on your screen. How this actually works would be better stated by those Techs I just mentioned and I will respectfully defer to them for a clear and simple answer.

Also, I noticed on my newest (2017) Samsung tuner that it seemed a bit more sensitive than my earlier (2013) model. Since Samsung keeps their Specs under lock and key, there is no way to find out these technical issues when one goes TV shopping, especially for OTA reception. But since you're receiving more channels with your new Samsung over the Vizio, it would lead me to believe that Samsung continues to support good OTA tuners. At least, that has been my subjective experience. Again, I'll defer to our Techs here on TVFool to better explain.

Anyway, glad you're getting good reception and using that TV Guide to your enjoyment!

Nascarken 31-Aug-2018 11:52 PM

Yes my LG technology I do not have to rescan four the new channels IT'S funny how
Well designed the LG technology is and the tuner is on the LG really is ATSC,
Is all ready in place lol so if you are looking for a new tv I suggest the LG,

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