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  1. JMThomas
    19-Nov-2014 2:15 AM
    I'm curious how expeditious data base updates are. I've posted a few for eastern Michigan, and they don't appear in newly generated reports.

    Perhaps they are being rejected for some reason? If so, I can back up my submissions with information from other web sites, such as the station itself and/or the FCC data base.... But I haven't received any note about there being problems.

  2. John Candle
    11-Oct-2012 11:23 PM
    John Candle
    Attn: mtownsend , It looks like Ground Ur Mast has put me on the moderator approval list. A message flashes on the screen real fast , and I can make out something about moderator approval. I do not and have not done anything to deserve this treatment , all the information I have provided here has been for the question askers , the people that come here for help with reception. I stand up for the question askers even if it means that I will be pushed around by Ground Ur Mast.
    Ground Ur Mast has moved to the position that it is now , his way , or the highway.
  3. Electron
    17-May-2012 4:28 AM
    Mtownsend . I am very upset with what signals unlimited is doing , go to tallblonde 2093 post. Read what signals unlimited freely states through out the tvfool web site. That every one will have a rotor and he intends to make sure they get it. And a Eagle Aspen R100 a rotor that average person is garanted to have problems with. If he likes to install them for his customers at his business that he has , that he has freely stated here at tvfool at he sees to that every one gets a rotor , then thats his business at that is his right , but not here at tvfool. He also just runs into the question askers posts wips out some information and then runs back out.
  4. ghz24
    21-Nov-2011 7:33 PM
    I'd like to respectfully question the wisdom of allowing posts to freely be edited / deleted with no time limit. Maybe a 24 hour window?
  5. teleview
    21-Mar-2010 4:41 AM
    I see that 'tigerbangs' has started posting on tvfool. tigerbangs of 'banned' me from ever posting again on his web site hdtvantennalabs. tigerbangs has absolute power of hdtvantennalabs. If you go to hdtvantennalabs you will see that the only person answering questions there is tigerbangs , he banned every one else. If he does not like what you say you will get banned. If you allow him to stay on tvfool you will be sorry.


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